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How to make eyeliner waterproof? This is a headache question for all of us. If your eyes are like mine, you should be dying for waterproof eyeliner. Some of you may also need to wear good primer before eye makeup as I do, but sometimes I don’t have time to put on everything before I go out, what should I do?

Finding a perfect waterproof and long-lasting eyeliner is not easy, I’ve been searching for years, and have used many different brands. But now I’ve found one of my favorite eyeliners.

How to make eyeliner waterproof right away?
To save time, I don’t have much time to wear complete eye makeup in the morning. So a waterproof eyeliner can save my life when I’m in rush. Eyeliner is an embellishment of the overall makeup, which can visually give people the feeling that the eyes have become larger and more energetic. I’ve been using the below one for three months, and I think it is worth buying.

Creamy Smooth Longwear Gel Eyeliner is very rich and pigmented, and the lines drawn by one stroke are smooth and smooth. It does not require repeated repainting, it will not be as difficult to operate as liquid eyeliner, and the lines will feel blunt.

Pen-like eyeliner products are more suitable for beginners than liquid eyeliner products. The refill of this eyeliner is only 1mm wide, which is perfect for contouring the end of the eye. The waterproof and smudge-proof effect is also very good. Just like its name, creamy, smooth, and long-wear!

Super waterproof eyeliner! Don’t be afraid of dizziness in summer. The perfect diary eyeliner is really good! I bought three colors 01 Obsidian Black, 02 Misty Brown, and 05 Cinnamon Apricot. Black is more every day and can be used at any time. I usually use this black eyeliner on weekdays. Brown is a gentle honey brown. If I wear soft makeup and autumn and winter, I will prefer this one. 05 Cinnamon Apricot is special! Lively with other colors.

WITHOUT BLOT TECH™ applied, the liquid texture is smooth and quick-drying, with max longevity! Outline eyeliner is very easy to shape. You shouldn’t shake its stubbornness if you don’t cry for three hours. Even without eye primer, it is naturally docile and does not smudge makeup.

How to make eyeliner waterproof to the next level? Before you apply any eye cosmetics, you will prime your eyes right? After you have done with all the makeup, like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc, you can use the setting powder or setting spray in each between, or in the final step.

First of all, the most important thing about waterproof makeup is that you have to make sure that all your makeup is waterproof. Be sure to be armed with the details, such as mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, base makeup, etc., all of which must be kept in a waterproof state.

Secondly, make a little adjustment when putting on makeup. The order of base makeup is also very important. In the past, many people used base makeup first, but now they can use moisturizing cream first, then use base cream, and finally add a little loose powder, so that You can leave the makeup on your face very well, and then apply foundation at the end.

Some people think that with so many waterproof products, it must be difficult to remove makeup. This is a matter of giving and receiving. You can’t always ask the product to not take off your makeup at all, but you can remove your makeup with a makeup remover in one second. To be realistic, I think the above eyeliner can be removed easily if I use eyes and lips remover like usual, I cannot ask for more!

Gently press the bulging direction of the eyelid with the pulp of your finger to make the makeup dissolve better. Then take out a clean cotton pad and wipe. If there is a color on the cotton pad, repeat the above steps until there is no color on the cotton pad.

To remove the eyeliner, a cotton swab is used. Dip the cotton swab in makeup remover, and gently rub the upper and lower eyelashes and upper and lower eyeliner of the cotton swab. If you cannot see the makeup on the cotton swab, it means that it has been removed. Then use a mild facial cleanser to wash the whole face, dry it, and apply skin care products.