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  5. Why is the clear sparkly lip gloss so popular and how to apply?

Many girls like the clear sparkle lip gloss because it gives our lips more fullness and a diamond-like glamour. This throwback to the Y2K style of the 90s may represent our desire for freedom stronger than ever.

Everyone loves glittering glass lips

Most of the most fashionable girls you can see on the Internet have makeup without the presence of strong eyelashes, sleepers, blush, and shiny glass lips. Usually in people’s perception, matte red lips represent the mature and bright temperament is now known as vintage, while clear sparkly lip gloss conveys the lively sense of the girl, gradually becoming the mainstream of fashion.

On various social media platforms, glossy peach lip gloss has become a hit, and this look is vibrant and youthful. The “rich girl look”, which is full of sophistication, still relies on highlights and mirror lip gloss to create a shimmering “rich look”.

The name of the makeup that appears from time to time in the form of strange phrases such as “pure wild makeup”, even if the upper part of the thick smoky eye makeup, the lips should be paired with a clear nude lip gloss.

The Floating Light Lip Gloss from Perfect Diary, among many others, has a unique design with a light and moist texture, creating a transparent glass lip that is hard to take your eyes off. It can perfectly match various unique and glamorous makeup looks to create the latest trends.

From nudes to deep reds and bitter oranges, glass lips took over the Spring/Summer 2022 runways. It wasn’t just the return of glittery lips, but also fluorescent eye shadows and facial embellishments like glitter and rhinestones dedicated to dressing the entire face in glowing colors. If it is a sports style fashion, clear sparkle lip gloss can add vitality.

Blumarine’s models applied highlights to their bare skin to create glitter throughout their bodies, and a closer look revealed that there was even glitter in the hair.

On TikTok, #lipgloss has over 6 billion views. Superdrug, the UK’s second largest retailer, reported that the category was being withdrawn from shelves last year, while online retailer LookFantastic said that searches for lip gloss increased by 11% from 2020 to 2021.

Why do we choose clear sparkly lip gloss?

1. Make the lips fuller in color

Unlike ordinary lip glosses, clear shimmer lip gloss has a crystalline texture that reveals a glamorous glow when applied to the lips. The shimmering factor contained in the lip gloss adds infinite charm to a woman’s appearance by making the lips shine in the sunlight. If females choose this particular lip gloss, it will make the lips look fuller and sexier, invariably boosting their confidence.

2. Nourishing lips

When you apply it gently on your lips, it will feel very moisturizing and can protect your lips well even in the cold winter season when the climate is extremely dry. It can meet the needs of both lip color and lip balm.

3. Highlighting femininity

When it comes to makeup, we have high demands on the lips, and bright and charming lips can give females great points. If you use clear sparkly lip gloss, you will be able to feel shiny and beautiful every minute, so that you are full of unlimited confidence wherever they go and leave a particularly deep impression on others.

How to apply a shiny and transparent lip gloss?

Step 1: Use a foundation that is similar to your skin tone to give your lips a good base, so that it can be more colorful and restore the original color of the lip gloss. Especially for those who have darker lips, make sure to use foundation or concealer for priming first.

Step 2: Apply lip gloss, starting from the lower lip, use a lip brush to dip a little lip gloss, brush in the center of the lip, then gently halo, evenly coated, do not be too much.

Step 3: After the lip gloss is applied, to prevent it from staining your teeth, you can put your finger in your mouth and gently sip your finger, and some of the lip gloss near your teeth will be reduced.