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Are you looking for a lip gloss in bulk? Lip gloss is a type of lip beauty cosmetics for lips and is a liquid type lipstick. It is moisturizing, glossy and easy to apply. Lip gloss has a sticky texture and has excellent color development and longevity.

Lip gloss in bulk, of course, it is more economical than some sets and lip glosses that have gorgeous packaging, but that does not mean that it is of poor quality. It is an obvious fact that many brand owners will pay high prices to market and advertise their products, and at the same time, they will design gorgeous and beautiful packaging for their goods so that the beauty product you get is like an exquisite gift.

Many people love the feeling of receiving a carefully wrapped gift that also looks very upscale, but also has an expensive price tag. And there are those who prefer to keep it simple and just have the product, and that’s when bulk lip gloss is a perfect fit.

What are the advantages of lip gloss compared to lipstick?

1. Longer color retention time

Unless specific lipsticks, such as velvet matte lipsticks, ordinary lipsticks are very easy to stick to your teeth or cups. Compared to ordinary lipsticks, lip glosses last longer. Some lip glosses don’t even fall off when you kiss. If you simply don’t want to get up to make up for the whole day, the mottled lip color can be very embarrassing, so a lip gloss with a strong staying power is definitely a good helper.

2. Better moisturization

The most essential difference between lipstick and lip gloss lies in the texture. Lipsticks are divided into two categories: moist and dry, while lip glosses are very moist.

3. Higher color rendering

Lip gloss has a better color rendering ability than most lipsticks because of its special texture. Basically, a stroke of color, unless you want the effect of red lips like fire, it does not take much time at all to trace a good-looking lip color.

4. Easier to apply

Lipstick head shape a lot, but newcomers inevitably cannot take care of the corners of the mouth, but also cannot draw a good lip peak, but the lip gloss sponge head especially fit the curve of the lips, and more compact, suitable for outlining the delicate lip shape.

5. More suitable for different lip state

The texture of lipstick is roughly divided into matte and moist, which matte lipstick especially requires the state of the lips, if there is peeling, after the makeup the effect will be very cheap. But if you are using lip gloss you can cover this up perfectly, lip gloss can help smooth out lip lines and make your lips look smoother. If your own lip lines are deep and it is difficult to cover them with lipstick, lip gloss is a good choice.

How to choose the right lip gloss in bulk for you?

1. Choose lip gloss according to the contour of the lips

If the upper lip is thick and the lower lip is thin, you can apply a darker color to the upper lip and a lighter color to the lower lip.

If the lips are more convex and also thicker, use a darker or softer colored lipstick to divert the attention of others to other beautiful places.

If the lips are too thin, it is not suitable to use too dark a color, but a bright and vivid color to make the lips look fuller.

If you really don’t like the lip gloss colors on the market, then you can use the lip gloss you have on hand to add your favorite eye shadow color to create a unique lip gloss color.

2. Choose lip gloss according to your skin tone

Yellowish skin tones: orange or teal lip glosses with yellow tones (warm tones) are suitable. You can try to apply multiple layers of lip gloss with soft colors. However, be careful not to use pink lip gloss with cool tones that can make your face look ugly.

Reddish complexion: Suitable for lip glosses with good hair color effect and vivid colors. It is best to apply it without blurring the contour line, so that the lips look clear and distinct.

Fair skin tones: Lip glosses with bright colors such as bright orange, or soft pink are suitable. The center of the lip is applied thickly, while the surrounding part is lightly haloed to create a charming and light lips. Lip glosses that are too light in color can make people look lethargic, so don’t use them.

Dark skin tones: Choose a color that is either strong or light to create a glowing impression. Also, use a lip gloss that contains gold or pearlescent glitter to show off your full personality.

Finally, where do I go to buy bulk lip gloss?

Usually some large supermarkets, online shopping platforms such as Amazon or second-hand merchants will sell these products.