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Are you looking for non oil based mascara? The purpose of using mascara primer is nothing more than the pursuit of visually thick and slender eyelashes. However, due to the different eyelash conditions of each person, the focus of reinforcement is also different. To solve various problems, mascara primer is also constantly Evolution, using various makeup effects such as slender, thick, curling, etc., to make the eyes have an amazing visual effect of infinite magnification.

There are two types of mascara: lengthening type and increasing type. If used together, it can make the eyelashes look longer and thicker. It is a headache to choose the right product from them no matter they are oil based or not.

To make the eyes appear magnified, most people often only pay attention to whether the product can increase the thickness of the eyelashes but ignore the details such as the difficulty of removal and the color of the primer. However, the devil is hidden in the details. Neglected small places greatly affect the overall effect of eye makeup. Next, let’s take a look at the key points to pay attention to when choosing a mascara primer!

What is non oil based mascara and how to distinguish it?

To put it simply, when buying mascara, you can look at its ingredient list, whether the first three or the first ingredient is water, if so, this mascara is non-oil based mascara. If you want to increase the volume of sparse eyelashes and make them appear thicker visually, choose a mascara with black fiber to solve the problem of less natural eyelashes. Creates a stunningly intense, sculpted look. In addition, depending on the method of painting, the fiber can also create a slender visual effect!

Perfect Diary, which has a place in the open-shelf brand with a reputation for affordable and high-quality products, has also launched its mascara products, and with a unique curling memory wax formula, it can strongly fix the eyelashes in the most beautiful arc, even if the original eyelashes are relatively short, you can also easily have long, curly and charming eyelashes all day long.

This High Definition Long Lasting Multi-Function Mascara is designed with a flat comb-like brush head. Compared with the bristle type, it has a significant effect in controlling the amount. Even if you are using mascara primer for the first time, you can easily brush evenly from the root to the end. At the same time, the affordable price also makes it the first choice for beginners when practicing makeup. It is recommended for fresh graduates who are trying to draw clean and attractive makeup!

Through the ingredient list, it can be found that it is a non oil based mascara, and water ranks first. Although the amount of fiber is small and the makeup effect is limited, it also avoids eye irritation caused by fiber falling off. Layering a lengthening effect on mascara can make up for the lack of makeup. It can be used as a primer to increase makeup. 

This product uses CARNAUBA WAX at the same time. The soft paste also increases the smoothness of the surface, making the movement smoother when applying mascara. It reduces caking and avoids the uneven application and dirt that white pastes tend to cause. At the same time, it strengthens the adhesion of the paste. Even the mild formula that can be easily removed with warm water does not sloppily in the makeup’s long-lasting performance.

Eye makeup has always been a major focus of makeup. The makeup of the eyes greatly affects the overall impression of the face. How to make eyelashes long, thick, and distinct is always one of the important topics in eye makeup, and the use of mascara primer can help us brush out beautiful eyelashes and make eyes look moist, bright, and clear.

If you want fan-shaped eyelashes that are not thick and have distinct roots, they are affordable, multi-functional, and have no burden to start with. If you are still hesitating about which mascara primer to start with, you are right to choose it! It is the best choice for you who love outdoor sports and playing in the water! At this time, as long as you choose this type that is water-resistant and not easy to fall off, even if you accidentally rub your eyes, you don’t have to worry about the problem of makeup coming off.