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Some people may find face painting sponges and brushes are hard to control when applying makeup. They prefer to use their fingers to apply foundation and eyeshadow. When I was new to makeup, I also think like this. I felt that my fingers are easy to apply liquid foundation on, and I can dip it easily.

When it comes to makeup, every girl will have her own set of makeup experiences, but when it comes to applying foundation, whether it is better to use hands or sponges, I believe many girls do not know the answer. In our life, some girls like to apply foundation with their hands, while some girls prefer to use sponges. Which method is the most correct?

Liquid foundation can be applied directly by hand, or you can use a sponge or a special foundation brush. If you apply it directly with your hands, pour an appropriate amount of liquid foundation on the palm or the back of your hand, and evenly place it on the forehead, chin, forehead, and both sides of the cheeks with your fingertips. Smudge or tap for an even, natural finish.

But if you want a more delicate and makeup-free makeup look, fingers are not a good makeup technique and hygiene habit! Apply liquid foundation directly to the face with your hands. Although this method is very convenient, it is not worth promoting. After all, the temperature of your fingers will affect the texture of the liquid foundation, and it is easy to cause the powder to stick when you apply it with your hands, which will be very heavy.

Why apply foundation with face painting sponges and brushes?

When applying makeup, if you want the foundation to be more even, you must use a sponge to apply makeup, because the texture of the sponge is very soft, which can better push the foundation on the skin, and our hands In contrast, there is no softness of a sponge, so the effect of applying foundation may not be so uniform!

If the makeup method is wrong, it is easy to make the base makeup mottled and uneven, and it is especially easy to take off the makeup when you go out later. If you apply makeup by hand, it is best to use a liquid foundation that is relatively fluid.

The foundation should be applied thinly and evenly, gradually fade away when applied to the neck, behind the ears, forehead, and hair roots, and the transition between the foundation and the skin should be natural and soft. You can use a wet sponge to wring it out until it does not drip.

First, use a corner of the sponge to dip a small amount of powder onto the face, and then use the clean part of the sponge to push the foundation away. If you are afraid that sponges will hide dirt, then make a good habit of cleaning and changing face painting sponges and brushes regularly!

If you put less foundation on the eyes that blink frequently, fine lines are easy to appear. Therefore, when applying the foundation under the eyes, you can use the foundation to brush on the eyes, look up slightly, and press gently from the inside of the eyes to mark the outside.

Use a sponge to apply the liquid foundation. Before wiping, you can wet the sponge with a small amount of water and then rub it all over the face. After that, you can rub the dry powder again. If you have acne and scars, it is recommended to use concealer, the effect is very good, and it can cover acne and acne marks.

Now the effect of the foundation is getting stronger and stronger, and it is not easy to take off makeup, so many people are too lazy to set makeup. This is not correct, because the oil and sweat on the face will affect the effect of the foundation. The foundation is more docile after setting makeup! After applying foundation, you can use powder and powder to set the makeup.

Applying makeup with your hands is easy to gasp powder or liquid, and makeup is easy to remain in the palm crevice of the palm of your hand, and it is more troublesome to wipe it off with makeup remover afterward. Using a puff or sponge can avoid these problems, but if you don’t have a puff at the moment, you can also apply makeup directly by hand.