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How does your crush feel when you apply beauty rush lip gloss? Excited? Tired? Or just annoyed. We know some men don’t like their girlfriends or crushes with anything on their lips when ready to kiss. I bet, however, that’s just because women don’t choose the right lip gloss. Men shouldn’t be the barrier to your beauty. Every girl or woman deserves her unique style if lip glosses are necessary as well as lip balms and lipsticks. And here are some tips for you to select the most suitable lip gloss.

Step 1: find the best lip gloss shade for your skin tones
As is all known, lip gloss shades should match your makeup, but lots of people ignore that skin is also an essential element for a perfect figure. And now let’s see how to get it prepared. At first, you should find if your are cool undertones, warm undertones or neutral, because they need different shades to correspond with.

Then figure out what shade of lip glosses like your skin undertones. Get familiar with as many as possible shades and make a list of them if possible to match. And you can find varied shades of beauty rush lip gloss online on Perfect Diary shop and must find what you require.

At last, try it yourself in the mall or offline stores. Obviously, if applied to the lip, it is not easy to find the best shade in such a bunch of lip glosses. Thus, use your undertones as a guide. Try the shade inside your arms and find the differences among them. I believe you are able to hunt the perfect one immediately.

Step 2: make your lips look shimmering and kissable
A shimmering lip could increase the chances of a kiss with your crush. A sticky lip pushes him away instead. Therefore, it is vital to keep your lip moisturized before the appointment. Though beauty rush lip gloss is in moisturizing texture, you’d better wear lip balms for the whole night before the day you date. Then in the morning, it is more shiny and lustrous when you wear lip gloss.

Or you can wear a few other lip products to make your lips more irresistible, like clear lip plumper. I suppose you will find more creative methods to combine these lip products.

Step 3: get your crush’s attention with your shimmering lip
Some cute actions are helpful to make your crush notice you with more interest, especially on lips. Try to Bite inside your lip. The sheerness, soft and rounded shape made provide a feeling of charm and glamour. And don’t feel nervous. Just be yourself. Talk with your crush with more relaxation and confidence. Some postures are useful to make you appear approachable and enthusiastic.

In addition, don’t skimp on your smiles and eye contact. That shows you are friendly and interested. By the way, a pair of white teeth will help a lot with a shiny lip, looking more charming and cute.

Step 4: play beauty tricks to get your crush
Tips are shared above mostly based on beauty rush lip gloss, certainly, there are other elements needed to attract your crush. A suitable outfit is necessary. In other terms, what you wear should maximize your figure adventures and cover shortcomings. However, don’t choose the clothes of your crush’s taste rather than your preference. If so, even excellent lip glosses can’t save you.

A long and stable relationship can’t be achieved like that. Show real you before your crush. Besides, it is better to wear a pair of dangling earrings. Earrings not only emphasize the attention to your neck and shoulders but give you something fun when flirting with your crush. Imagine how attractive it is when your dazzling earrings correspond with your shiny lip. And kiss may come in the next second.

In a short, it is not so difficult to attract your crush to kiss you with beauty rush lip gloss. What is more noticed is to how to put the whole you into charm. Lip products, whatever lip gloss, lipstick, or lip balm, are just external tools for attraction. The real charm lies in yourself from the internal. Then, your current crush may be your new boyfriend.