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What is a foundation brush? It is a type of makeup tool that helps you apply liquid and cream foundation. The high-quality brush won’t leave clumps and streaky coverage on your face. It can blend the foundation flawlessly, offering you a smooth base. To have a perfect beginning for your daily makeup, foundation brushes can be your best friend. Let me tell you more about different kinds of foundation brushes!

What is a foundation brush?

The foundation brushes can be generally divided into three types. The flat angled brush, the dome brush, and the oval brush. Every type has sizes in all its range. Also known as a foundation brush, the flat angled brush has a fluffy, flat brush that can be used to apply foundation and powder to your face.

Due to its large size, it can also be used to take makeup powder at the end. Depending on the type of bristles, bristles can have different effects on people. The dome brush mainly has two types, loose-packed and tight-packed. The loose-packed one can be applied to pick powder foundation. The tight-packed one, however, is like a paintbrush, which can pick liquid foundation on the face and blend it from the center to outwards.

The oval brush is easy for you to build up foundation coverage and blend liquid and cream foundations. You may hardly know about it, but it is famous for its special handle.

The bristles are also various, from synthetic to natural. The natural one is widely made of animal hair, like squirrel and goat hair. People are likely to turn to natural bristles, but nowadays synthetic bristles become more and more delicate.

Foundation brush and its relevant news

After we understand what a foundation brush is, as we all know, different foundations need different makeup tools to blend them. Thus, I would like to give some suggestions on how to pick the right makeup tool for your foundation makeup.

  1. Foundation brush

Regarding liquid foundation, the brush with soft bristles can handle it better; the hard bristles and tight-packed brush is suitable for cream foundation and the dome brush with loose bristles can easily carry pressed powder and loose powder. By the way, the tight one is not very easy to clean, maybe you need to take it into consideration.

If you are a foundation-lovers, you can have a brush set that includes different types of brushes. You can combine and match to get what you need. However, unless you are enthusiastic about foundation makeup, you can buy kits. Too many tools may be confused you, after all.

  • Beauty sponge

Beauty sponges have different shapes, like drop-shaped, triangles, round, etc. Generally, it is designed to be easy-taking and easy-blending. We usually apply it after rinsing it with running water and squeezing the water out. Blend the foundation on the face evenly by multiple times of pushing it. The beauty sponge makes the foundation fit the skin and long-lasting. If you think the liquid foundation is full of moisture, you can also directly apply it by going through running water.

  • Fingertips

If you are in rush, beauties may turn to fingertips to apply foundation quickly. However, fingertips may cause clumps and streaks on your face. After you build up coverage on your face with your fingertips, you can pat the imperfect places with a small beauty sponge.

Product recommendation

Newbies who have an idea about what foundation brush is just want to learn more about the foundation. Thus, I would like to recommend some foundation makeup and makeup tools. Following are some products.

The first product is The Perfect Diary Supreme Nude Natural Flawless Hydrating Liquid Foundation. It is a 30ml matte liquid foundation. Every time after basic skin care, you can press the pump and squeeze it out. You can apply it with your fingertips, a beauty sponge, or a foundation brush to your face. It is easy-blending and will offer you a flawless face.

The second one is The Perfect Diary Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation. You can apply it after basic skin care or when you want to refine your makeup. Use it on your nose, cheeks, and around your lips. The cushion foundation contains a round sponge, so it is easy to carry with you when you go out.