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Dark brown matte liquid lipstick is one of the hottest colors of reddish brown lipstick. Let’s talk about the red-brown first. The pink-orange lipsticks with fresh tones in summer are obviously missing the deep charm of autumn and winter. At this time, you need to mix lipsticks with brown tones. Perfect Diary is also a brand that has done well recently. A series of lipsticks are very popular on major platforms, and many bloggers have started.

Try one of these dark brown matte liquid lipstick
The color test must be a thousand people and a thousand colors. If there is a deviation in the color when using it, it is a normal phenomenon. Weightless Longwear Lip Stain is a perfect lipstick for thick application, Color: 204 Feel Dxxn Good When applied thinly, you will feel an obvious orange tone at first glance. When applied thickly, the orange tone will weaken, and the warm reddish brown smell will come out! Super stylish.

Dip an appropriate amount of lip glaze with a lip brush, apply a layer along the inner side of the upper and lower lips, and draw the M letter on the upper lip, which will make the mouth look more three-dimensional, and then use your fingers or cotton swabs to smudge it outwards.

After completion, you can repeat it to make the color more intense. The blooming range is smaller than the first time. The key is to blur the lip line, and the outline should not be too clear, so that it has a lazy and casual feeling, and the lip shape is fuller. The matte texture is smooth while the coloring is full and long-lasting. If you want to apply a full screen, you must take good care of your lips.

You can go out with bean paste, orange-brown blush, eye makeup choose earth color or reddish-brown color is very harmonious; clothing can choose caramel color, black, beige, wine red, khaki and various colors of coats and sweaters are beautiful!

The rich chocolate color has a romantic and gentle style, which is also very suitable for the autumn and winter seasons. It fits the mouth very well, the color is reddish brown with a heavier brown tone, and it covers the lip lines better.

Color: 203 Love Me Or Never from Weightless Longwear Lip Stain has a matte effect, and the upper lip is very textured and will not show lip lines. The color is dark brown and berry, not violet, the deep coating is very advanced and not scary red, and the light coating has a dark grapefruit color. The color and ductility are also good, and the whole lip makeup or biting lip makeup can have a good effect.

For girls with dry lips, it is recommended to use lip balm products before applying, and do a good job of moisturizing and primer. In addition, Color: 201 I’m Good rose red is a reddish bean paste color. It is a very gentle color in bean paste color as a lipstick. If you want a more conventional lipstick, you may wish to consider this color. Compared with the standard bean paste color, rose red is a more medium pink, so the thin coating is more gentle, low-key, and elegant.

Creamy Clay Lip Mud Color: N04 Last Sunrise is a typical orange-brown, a reddish-brown orange with high saturation, and it is also more suitable for autumn and winter. It can be seen that the color rendering is very high, and the mouth is long-lasting. The texture of the matte and matte surface is also very good with the triangular paste tube and the frosted shell!

The atmosphere of autumn and winter matching gives people a retro, cool, gentle, noble, and mature femininity. When you finish makeup and apply lipstick, the first thing that comes to your mind is reddish brown. This beautiful and restrained brown is beautiful in autumn and winter.

With smoky makeup and dark brown matte liquid lipstick, the makeup alone looks like a dark style, but in fact, as long as you match the right clothes, you will look elegant and aura. In fact, this color of lipstick is not only exclusive to cool girls, but also a must-have fashion item for every woman.