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If there is a color eyeshadow palette that is most compatible with summer, then it must be the eyeshadow palette orange tones. Cute and playful, full of youthful vitality, orange eyeshadow is a bright color for summer without a doubt. So how should we apply orange eyeshadow to create the perfect eye makeup? Any recommended products? And more inspiration to match?

First of all, let’s pick suitable eyeshadow palette orange tones to start our next steps. A great eyeshadow palette should have a high color payoff and a fine powder quality. Perfect Diary’s Explorer Eyeshadow Palette, 13 Red Fox, and 07 Sika Deer are all great for an eye-catching orange eye look.

Next, how to apply an orange eye makeup? We provide you with the following tutorial. You can adjust some of the steps to suit your preferences and habits. At the same time, this excellent eyeshadow palette has more rich colors and can also create more stunning good looks.

1. Choose a blending brush to dip into pearlescent orange eyeshadow and spread over the entire upper eyelid as a base shade for the eyes.

2. Bring the rest of the powder over the sleeper, taking care not to go too far, about one-half of the lower eyelid.

3. Choose any of the brown eyeshadows to deepen the end of the eye in small amounts, taking care to deepen the color the closer to the base of the lashes.

4. Deepen the bottom of the eye with the same color, covering about one-half of the back of the lower eyelid.

5. Highlight the head of the eye with a pearlescent white eyeshadow, and lightly highlight the first quarter of the lower eyelid. Apply inner and outer eyeliner and brush on mascara to finish.

So, what color lipstick should I wear with eyeshadow palette orange tones? After completing a good orange eye makeup, lipstick matching is also essential. So that the whole makeup can be more aura.

1. Orange eyeshadow + pink lipstick
The vast majority of pink lipsticks are easy to match with orange, because pink and lip color is relatively similar, after the makeup is very warm and retains some aqua. You can look brighter and livelier with orange eyeshadow, so it’s lively and daily.

2. Orange eyeshadow + rose Lipstick
Tangerine is perfect for lipsticks with rosy colors. The latter can make the lips look healthier, and the eyeshadow can refine the eyes and lips, so that the eye and lip makeup both look very delicate and do not form too obvious a contrast. If it is not a very special makeup, this match is very recommended.

3. Orange eyeshadow + tomato lipstick
The easiest to draw the ideal effect of a lipstick color, and orange is a relatively similar color. Both are very warm and energetic, and can make the eyes three-dimensional, lips full but not thick, full of charm.

4. Orange eyeshadow + cameo lipstick
Orange is usually paired with beige without a little bit of incongruity, as cameo is the best for people with different skin tones. It slightly embellishes the lip color to be more natural and transparent, without stealing the thunder of the eye makeup, and retains a very strong sense of warmth and elegance.

5. Orange eyeshadow + blood lipstick
Can orange eyeshadow be painted with some stronger makeup effect? The answer is yes, at this time you can choose blood lipstick, it can make the gas field look stronger, but also make the makeup very consistent with the temperament of the goddess, good-looking and not flashy, delicate, and very easy to manage.

Perfect Diary Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick, inspired by fine heels, is packaged in white leather, and contains a variety of hot colors. Applying smooth and moisturizing, it makes your lips plump and sexy, perfectly matched with orange shades of eyeshadow. It is the perfect accompaniment to your orange eyeshadow look.

In sum, orange eyeshadow brings you endless possibilities, and the right makeup match makes you glamorous. Orange eyeshadow is highly adaptable to all skin tones and is a choice that you can’t go wrong with. If you want to choose best eyeshadow palette orange tones, you can visit the website:
https://www.perfectdiary.com/collections/eyeshadow to find more information.