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The best lip liner and gloss combo enjoys great popularity this season. Lip liner shall be a great help for those who want to modify their lip shape. Lip liner can not only give your lips a three-dimension effect, but also make your lips look fuller and clearer. Just outline your lips at fixed points, and fill in with lip gloss, then you can have a full and three-dimensional lip makeup. So, the best lip liner and gloss combo is the best choice if you want to make your makeup super fantastic.

One of the most popular makeup this season is the classic red lips, and the prominent lip color has become the most important makeup element. Lip liner is a must for drawing full and sexy lips. After delineating your lips, use the red lip gloss, then you can easily have a matte-red-lip makeup. To create this classic Hollywood star style, it is necessary to match the textured skin, the matte red lips and fair skin will make you look super fantastic.

Different from the fresh and sweet bitten lips look, the red lips outlined with lip liner will make you look more recognizable. With the rise of feminism, women’s makeup began to become more diverse. The red lips outlined by the best lip liner can create a more atmospheric and more personalized makeup, and the color of lip gloss covers a variety of styles such as sexy, elegant, and business, which can perfectly match most scenes in your life.

Perfect Diary has a series of lip gloss, for example, lip gloss named “I got you” can create a sexy style, “Spoil me” can create an elegant style, and “Live young” can create a business style. There are many other styles of lip gloss, you can choose it as you wish and create the unique style you want.

How to apply the best lip liner and gloss combo?
To make your lip makeup more perfect, you should do the following steps. Firstly, you can apply a bit foundation on your lips to cover its original color. Secondly, use some lip moisturizer to alleviates dryness and keep your lips moist for a long time. Thirdly, use the lip liner to outline the lip shape you want. The last step is to choose the shade of lip gloss.

Usually, the choice of lip gloss shade is associated with your skin tone. If you have a fair skin, then you are more suitable for light shades of pink and beige, medium-toned people are more suitable for rose, mauve, and berry, while people with dark skinned are recommended to use plum, chocolate, and red shade.

The best lip liner and gloss combo has a range of colors for you to choose. If you are used to using dark lip gloss, you can choose a lip liner with a similar color to your usual lip gloss, preferably a little lighter, so as not to look incongruous. If you like to use a light lip gloss and just want use lip liner to modify your lip shape, you can choose a lip liner whose shade is closer to your own lip color.

However, if you want to touch up thick lips, it’s best to prepare a flesh-colored or orange-colored lip liner, which will be more versatile. Avoid using lip liner that is too dark or too bright, such as coffee, scarlet, etc., because they tend to make the lip makeup too dark and inconsistent.
Also, you can choose your lip gloss shade according to your makeup style. For example, if you are going to a party, you can create a sexy or classic makeup style, then the red or plum shade is your first choice. If you want to make yourself look more professional in your work, then beige and berry shade will help you a lot.
Choosing the right lip gloss shade can help you look good on any occasion. For instance, in social occasions, the right makeup can make you the most dazzling queen in the crowd. When dating, beautiful makeup can highlight your advantages, and make you look more charming. In business occasions, a darker lip makeup can make you look more professional and increase customers’ trust in you, thus you can do more with less at work.
So, don’t hesitate, use the best lip liner and gloss combo to make you super fantastic!