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If you have read or watched a lot of liquid eyebrow pen tutorial but still could not line perfect eyebrows, this article is what you need ultimately. Here we will talk about different types of eyebrow cosmetic products. Through comparison, we want you to know that a liquid eyebrow pen is a champion among all the other eyebrow products. Making you understand how to use it is the goal of this article. Let’s get started.

Every lady who wears daily makeup knows how important it is to line proper eyebrows on her face. As it goes, a workman who wants to do his work well must sharpen his tools first. The same goes for eyebrow makeup. We have to find the greatest eyebrow product to make shiny eyebrow makeup.

There are a few factors we have to consider when deciding what type of brow product to use. The first and the most significant is your desired outcome or finish. Whether you want a sharply arched eyebrow or a full flat one eventually leads to different products.

Eyebrow pencils are the oldest and simplest solutions for eyebrow makeup. But an advanced eyebrow look has to depend on something more interesting and spicy. I believe most of you may have heard about a basic eyebrow selection theory. Eyebrow pencils for add-up, eyebrow powder for aging brows, and liquid eyebrow pen for a no-makeup look. That was a fundamental idea but it works whenever we have to choose an eyebrow product.

Usually, when we go to office every day, we prefer a natural makeup look. Therefore, liquid eyebrow pens are our first choice regarding eyebrow makeup. So knowing a complete and efficient liquid eyebrow pen tutorial is pretty much necessary and meaningful. When we get familiar with the process of using liquid eyebrow pens, we tend to save golden morning hours and get a perfect eyebrow makeup look at the same time. Who won’t love a one-stone-two-birds solution?

If your skin tends to be normal-to-combination, you can adopt almost any powder or pomade, but if you’re on the oily side, you’ll need something long-lasting. You have to choose the right type of eyebrow product as well as the right color of it. If your brows are born to be grayish or they turn grayish as time goes by, you may consider a darker gray eyebrow product. The basic idea here is to get a eyebrow product of a little darker shade than your own brows.

After you select the color for your eyebrow product, find that specific color among liquid eyebrow pens. The biggest advantage of a liquid eyebrow pen is that it stays on your face all day long. So we will share the easiest liquid eyebrow pen tutorial here to help you get a perfect brow look.

To start with, never forget to apply primer. Most people usually skip this step, taking it as an extra step for makeup. But actually, it is a must-step for nice eyebrow makeup. It helps to keep your brows from slipping off your face. The tail of your brows relies on the primer to last till the end of your work for the whole day.

Next step, use your liquid eyebrow pen to draw a defined line underneath your brow. Afterward, do the same for the top of your brow, but only on the outer 3/4. Concentrate on defining the tail end of your brow which should not be too thick and heavy. Since the liquid product is very sticky after it’s put on your eyebrows, you should try to line it little by little in case you make any mistake and want to wipe it.

Lastly, after you line the top and bottom of your brows, here comes the inner part of your brows circled by the lines you have done in the last step. It’s easy just to use the brush at the other end of the pencil or a clean mascara wand to pull the color to the inner side of your brows. Try to brush the liquid back and forth on your brows to make them look even. Usually, the color on the inner side should be thinner. If you want a defined lower line, use the pen to line it again.

Eyebrows display your emotions and shape your mood in a subtle way. When you have your eyebrows in the right color and shape, you tend to have a nice and pleasurable emotion. I do hope this liquid eyebrow pen tutorial can help you with building your confidence and comfort in eyebrow makeup.