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Are you looking for rose gold makeup brushes? Makeup brushes are an essential tool in our makeup process and the most commonly used, so having a rose gold makeup brush that we love can make our makeup application more enjoyable.

Do you know how to use rose gold makeup brushes to apply a rose gold makeup look that has been very popular on Ins recently? When we use a makeup brush like this, we can’t help but go for a bright makeup look of the same style.

First of all, choose golden brown eyeshadow to apply on the inner side of the eyelids, so that the color of the eyelids and the color of the eyelids produce color contrast, which will reveal the three-dimensional effect of the eyelid eyeshadow.

Then apply rose gold eyeshadow above the crease of the eyelid and on the lower eyelid, blending the eyelid crease with the inner eyelid color Then draw a black, slightly elongated eyeliner along the base of the eyelashes The width of the eyeliner should not be too wide, and the end of the eyeliner should be slightly elongated to highlight big eyes.

After finishing the eyeliner brush on mascara, if your own eyelashes are short, you can put on false eyelashes and then brush mascara After completing all the eye makeup, use rose colored blush from the location of the apple muscle to the temple to increase the sense of pinkness, and finally apply rose colored lipstick.

Thus, we have completed a glamorous celebrity makeup look in the same style as the brush To achieve better makeup results, we need excellent quality makeup brushes, so how do you pick a good quality rose gold makeup brushes?

The material of the brush hair is generally divided into artificial hair and animal hair.

Animal bristles are good at gripping powder because they have hair scales, so they can be used to grip dry powder products such as eye shadow, blush, and loose powder.

Animal hair is also subdivided into wolf hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, pig bristles and so on Gray squirrel hair is the softest and most comfortable, mostly used for loose powder brush, blush brush; yellow wolf hair is moderately elastic and soft, suitable for eye shadow; hog bristle is the hardest, mostly used as brow powder brush; goat hair is the most common, widely used in a variety of brushes.

Artificial hair including fiber hair, nylon hair, smooth and no hair scales, weak grip powder, will not absorb too much product It is best to use artificial hair when using wet products such as foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, concealer, etc., to bring out the hydrating properties of these products The disadvantage is that it is hard and will stick to your face.

Notes on the purchase of rose gold makeup brushes

1. You don’t need to buy a full set

If you are a newbie or don’t usually wear makeup, you don’t need to buy a full set of makeup brushes when you buy brushes In fact, there are many brushes can be a brush multipurpose, a brush to buy a brush is the right choice.

2. Not the softer the better

Because different cosmetics have different needs, so according to the corresponding needs to buy makeup brushes For example, eyebrow brushes need to be harder, while blush brushes need to have a weaker ability to grab powder.

3. If you have the conditions, you can buy branded brushes

For any product, branded ones definitely feel better, but they are also more expensive in terms of price.

4. Not animal hair is better

At present, the common animal brush hair material on the market is goat hair, horse hair, and more expensive squirrel hair, mink hair and so on At the same time, there are many brands with synthetic fibers, but the feeling of using the same excellent In addition, there are some people who are allergic to animal hair, so there is no great need to pursue animal hair for makeup brushes.


Now go and choose the right rose gold makeup brushes to apply a beautiful look! We have an exquisite look, and our brushes can be just as exquisite!