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It is crucial to choose the best waterproof eye shadow for newbies. When we are faced with so many eye shadows on the market, it can be very confusing. If we are new to make-up, it is advisable to choose a waterproof eyeshadow that you won’t go wrong with. If we choose a foundation that is closer to the colour of our skin, then basically the whole look will be very harmonious. Next, let’s find out what the best waterproof eye shadows are.

Importance of eyeshadow:
The proper use of eyeshadow can make your eyes more luminous, bigger, more defined and more beautiful, which will also make your whole look more natural. And people use a lot of eyeshadows to accentuate the look of their eyes when they are applying certain special make-up. But for everyday makeup, we could try to choose the colors of eye shadows that we like and that match the colour of our lipstick and outfit.

Reasons why eye shadows are waterproof:
Eye shadows are waterproof mainly because they contain ingredients that isolate water. For example, there are a number of film-forming agents that work well as a barrier to water or perspiration.

The first group are silicone oils, such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone and cyclopentasiloxane. The second group are polymers, more commonly copolymers. As these are insoluble in water, they keep the pigments from disappearing with perspiration. In addition to the best waterproof eye shadow, most common long-wearing eyeliners, mascaras, foundations, and lipsticks contain ingredients in this category.

How to apply eyeshadow:
1. The first method is to apply a single colour of eyeshadow evenly across the eyelid. Lighter colors give us a simple and youthful look, while darker colors give us a bright and stylish look.

When we apply eye shadow, we should start at the base of the lashes. If we want to enhance the effect of the eyeshadow and make our eyes look more luminous, we can also apply a thicker or darker colour at the base of the lashes and gradually blend that colour upwards until the colour looks harmonious with our eyes.

2. The second method is to give a clear transition between layers of eyeshadow and also help to eliminate the puffiness of our eyelids and widen the distance between our eyebrows and eyes.

First, we should start by using a lighter colour and applying it to the eyelid to obtain an even, natural look. We then apply the darker colour in three stages, starting at the base of the lashes, where we need to be careful to make a natural colour transition. A tip is that do not use more than three colors in this process.

3. The third method is very interesting. We can cut off the eyeshadow colour in several sections, thus showing the brightness of the colour. The way is that we can intensify the colour of the eyeshadow at the end of the eye and diminish the colour in the rest of the eye. In addition to this, we have to learn to match different lipsticks according to different makeup looks.

Purchasing tips:
When we buy the best waterproof eye shadow, we have to choose according to the actual condition of our eyes. For example, beauties with eyes that look a little puffy should never choose eye shadows that are too glossy, as this will greatly expose the flaws of our eyes. Whereas a beauty with very sunken eyes can choose an eyeshadow with a good shine.

In the process of selection, we can use a brush to dip a little eyeshadow on the back of the hand, and then turn the brush to observe the change in the shine of the eyeshadow, if the change is stronger, the effect of the eyeshadow is better and more obvious. Eye shadows are generally divided into those with glitter and those with mattes. We can buy different eye shadows to use with them to achieve the effect of light and dark changes in eye shadow.

How’s that? Can you feel the advantage and allure of the best waterproof eye shadow? We need to know that the pursuit of beauty and the pursuit of convenience can co-exist and we need to learn to find better ways for our beauty!