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Have you ever tried the best cool toned eyeshadow palettes before? Among the popular eyeshadow palettes on the market, the cooler shades are more niche and unique. Because not everyone can handle cool-toned eyeshadows very well.

The cool toned eyeshadows are blue, gray, purple, and silver, which are the most popular cool toned eyeshadow in the market. These colors require more skill to match the makeup, and if applied well, can have a stunning effect.

Who is more suited to cool-toned eyeshadow palettes?
Fair-skinned girls are more suitable for cool eye shadows. Applying cool colors will look very noble and elegant. Dark skin can also try cool colors, with more sequins and pearlescent elements, the whole look will be very unique and dazzling.

If your eyes are often puffy, a cool-colored eyeshadow palette is also the perfect choice for you. It will give your eyes a deeper visual effect without being as tired.

Cool eyeshadow makeup recommendations
Blue eyeshadow is a very representative cool-toned eyeshadow, like a mermaid in the blue sea, giving people a dreamy and cool feeling. Next, we introduce the makeup method about blue eyeshadow.

1. Use the eyebrow pencil to determine the position of the peak and tail of the eyebrow, and then fill in the eyebrow powder with a brush. The shape of the eyebrows should be slightly sharper and arch-shaped eyebrows are very suitable.

2. Dab light yellow eyeshadow with your finger and press it on the front half of the eyelid, you can layer it several times.

3. Dip a tapered brush into dark brown eyeshadow and poke it back and forth to deepen the contour of the eye socket. Smudge back and forth until the contour is natural.

4. Using a large smudge brush, dip into the lighter color and smudge back and forth evenly to help contour more naturally.

5. Using a flat bristle brush, dip into blue eyeshadow and start with a blue eyeliner base before layering on the same color. If you feel that the blue is too abrupt to use on a large area, you can layer it on the lower eyelid as appropriate.

6. Because the makeup should emphasize the sense of contour, the grooming should be heavier, focusing on the cheekbones and cheek positions, weakening the blush, using a blush close to the skin tone to modify the sides of the cheekbones can be. Lipstick with nude lipstick is best, a small amount of dark lipstick is available as an accent.

Here we recommend Perfect Diary’s Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Jude Rabbit Eyeshadow Palette, one of the best cool toned eyeshadow palettes with a cute bunny-inspired, creamy powder that will perfectly draw your best blue eyeshadow look.

More about eyeshadow color matching
When we normally use eye shadow, the right color combination is very important. Matching cool colors with warm colors eyeshadow wisely will not only fully reflect the characteristics of the eyes, but also make the overall makeup look more harmonious.

When painting eyeshadow, the most common colors we use include coffee, blue, coral, beige, white, pink and white, bright yellow, brown and so on. If you want to highlight the bright and dark effects of makeup colors, you can match dark coffee with bright yellow, which is also the most popular use of earth tones eye shadow.

If you want to create a brighter and cleaner look, you can use light coffee and beige to match. If you want to look cooler, you can choose to match the grayish-blue color with white eyeshadow to make the temperament look more noble. Coral, pink and white colors will look more youthful and cuter for a festive date makeup.

It is a very complex subject to match the color of the eye shadow, we need to try and accumulate more to find more different combinations and create a more personalized look. However, in use, you must also follow the basic laws of color, do not randomly combine two or more colors that clash, so as not to make the face become like a palette, exaggerated and strange.

Finally, if you want to know more about the best cool toned eyeshadow palettes, you can continue to visit our website for more information.