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  5. What are lip liner and lip gloss and how to apply them perfectly?

Lip liner and lip gloss are common cosmetics that we usually use in our makeup. But do you know what they are and how to use them? Now I will introduce these two different kinds of lip cosmetics respectively in detail.

Lip liner is usually used to outline and modify our lip shape, so the lip shape will look more perfect and clear. Besides, it can also prevent the lipstick from stretching outward, making the lipstick last a long time. Lips are also the most attractive part of your whole makeup. Lip liner can modify the lips that are too thick and make up for the defects of too thin lips so that the lip shape reaches the basic standard. Therefore, lip liner is an important part of lip makeup.

1. What is the function of lip liner?
There are two main functions of lip liner: First, it can outline the contour of your lip and create a perfect lip shape. Second, it has the ability to effectively prevent the color from being smudged outside your lip. Attractive lip makeup has the following features: clear contour, slightly raised lip peak and a little upward lip corner. So, if your lip shape is not so perfect, you need to use a lip liner to make an adjustment to meet the basic requirements.

2. What is the function of lip gloss?
Lip gloss is rich in all kinds of highly moisturizing oils and glittering factors which are formed in a viscous liquid or a thin paste and contains little wax and color pigments. It is bright and translucent with a moisturizing and light texture. After coloring, it makes lips moist and stereoscopic. Applying lip gloss will look outstanding especially when you want special makeup, but it can’t last so long. As an important tool to highlight your face, lip gloss has always been valued.

3. How to make up your lips.
● Apply a little foundation to the lips with a small beauty blender, which can help the lipstick to spread evenly and keep the color lasting. Note that the corners of the mouth should also be reapplied from the outside to the inside in order to avoid gaps.
● Use the lip liner to outline the lip contour before applying the lipstick, and your lips will look more three-dimensional in this way. You can pay attention to the lip line to the corner of the mouth. Brushing the lip line inward with a lip brush can alleviate the too obvious lip line.
● It is easy to deepen the lip lines when the lipstick is directly colored, so it is best to apply the lipstick with a lip brush. Moreover, using a lip brush will make the color of the lipstick more uniform, especially the small bristles that can solve the problems of lines and chapped lips.
● Light-colored lipsticks are harder to color than dark-colored lipsticks, so you might as well apply the lipstick directly.
● No matter lip liner or lip gloss, it should not be applied too sharply, and the curve of your lip shape should be in a smooth arc.
● If upper and lower lips are different in thickness, they should be adjusted appropriately with lip cosmetics. If the lower lip is too thin, it should be coordinated with the upper lip to make it plumper.
● After the lip liner and lip gloss are fully applied to your lip, use a tissue to gently press between the upper and lower lips to absorb excess oil.
● After the lips are completely drawn, make a variety of expressions, such as turning up and down, left and right to determine whether the lip makeup is perfect.

Besides lip liner and lip gloss, there are other lip make-up like lipstick, lip stain and lip balm. All of them can play a significant role in your makeup, so you should know how to use them rightly. You can check our official website to purchase lip cosmetics that you need, such as our bestseller Floating Light Lip Gloss and Weightless Longwear Lip Stain. Just go and select one for yourself or your girlfriend!