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Is makeup a sin? There are some church groups that believe that makeup is a sin. There are several reasons for this; first, whenever makeup is mentioned, they are always negative and hypocritical. Secondly, they believe that women who wear makeup do so in order to seduce men. One of the biggest examples usually given is the story of Jezebel.

What does the story of Jezebel tell? An innocent woman in makeup is thrown out of a window. Jesus wants us to seek inner beauty and peace, but that doesn’t mean that makeup is a fault. In fact, for many girls who are not confident, makeup is a blessing from God to give them more courage and confidence to live in this world.

Is makeup a sin? Never.
Makeup is never a sin. Cosmetics are a bunch of commodities, and they have various chemical ingredients that might cause damage to the skin when used improperly. However, proper and reasonable use can make your skin imperfections invisible, eyes enlarged, lips become rosy and complete the transformation from Cinderella to princess.

There is even no fault in the act of putting on makeup. We put in the effort to learn these skills and make ourselves more beautiful, who can blame? And makeup brings a sense of respect to others. The first is that the makeup fits the other person’s aesthetic expectations, and the second is that the time and money spent on makeup gives the other person an indirect sense of your sincerity, even if he doesn’t think you look pretty with makeup on.

Makeup is a higher pursuit of beauty.
We care about the world, we care about our appearance, and we love the compliments we receive from others. This is very normal behavior. We want to show a more beautiful version of ourselves.

Just as we love roses with dewdrops, stars in the sky, and smooth silks, those colors, those textures that fascinate us. Why can’t we pluck the stars and turn them into eye shadow on our eyelids, why can’t we make our lips as red as rose petals, and why can’t we make our skin as smooth as silk?

Makeup is our tireless pursuit of beauty, and the conquest of nature.

Whether her or him, all have the freedom to makeup
Once upon a time, we heard many women being asked makeup a sin. Not only that, but is it a sin to wear a skirt that is too short? Is it a sin to show off your skin? Dear girl, there is no fault in your behavior, but we may be hurt by it and be blamed for it being your fault.

Nowadays, many men are just as fond of makeup, but they also suffer the same malice and suspicion that women experienced at the beginning. Many people consider makeup to be a very feminine act, but anyone has the freedom to pursue their own beauty

Perfect self, no need for others to comment
Don’t be afraid of makeup, and don’t be afraid of gossip. The brand philosophy of Perfect Diary is to encourage us to become a more perfect and confident self.

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Inspired by the high heels that make women more confident and stronger, the lipstick gives you the same maximum encouragement. A red lip, can be sexy and cute, or powerful and dazzling. Perfect Diary’s products, at every moment, want you to become a stronger and more perfect version of yourself.

Final word
When humans are still using stone tools, they began to paint their faces in bright colors, flowers, and green leaves as beautiful fashion, not to mention the ongoing human pursuit of beauty after that. This is also a reflection of our civilized nature.

Some religions may consider makeup too vain out of the desire to restrain people from their desires and be strict with their thoughts. We should also treat those who are devoutly religious with the utmost respect.

For our own love of makeup, we should also never harbor guilt. Just do it.