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How to apply eyeshadow for big eyes? Good-looking eyes add a lot to the overall appearance of the facial features. Who doesn’t like big shiny eyes! But it doesn’t belong to the kind of eyes that are naturally good-looking, so what should I do? Make-up comes to the rescue! Choose an easy-to-use eyeshadow palette, so that you can instantly have big, sparkling eyes!

If you want beautiful big eyes, then you must learn to properly handle your makeup, eye makeup is a particularly important makeup. Wearing contact lenses can increase the beauty of eye makeup, make the eyes look bigger, and make the eyes more energetic.

How to apply eyeshadow for big eyes?

First of all, when choosing eye makeup, you can choose an eye shadow palette that is full of bright colors and good colors. For example, several eyeshadow palettes from Perfect Diary are quite suitable to help you apply easily and make your eyes three-dimensional.

Its color is even and adherent, not easy to fade, and not easy to stick. It adopts a long-lasting constant color formula, which brings soft extensibility and adherence, and the color is natural and bright so that the beautiful makeup will last longer.

Grooming eyebrows. Eyebrows are also a part of eye makeup. If you want to make the makeup of your eyes more attractive, the modification of eyebrows cannot be ignored. When trimming eyebrows, you can first use a brown eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape that suits you, and then carry out The plucking of excess eyebrows can prevent the wrong position of plucking, destroying the eyebrow shape, and the modified eyebrow shape can add points to the eye makeup.

Eyelashes are very important to give eye makeup a magnifying effect, it can make the eyes more prominent and make them appear larger. When brushing mascara, stretch the eyelashes upward from the position near the root, so that the eyelashes have a feeling of lifting and drawing long and thick eyelashes can make the eyes have a magnifying effect.

Bright smoky makeup can also add glamour to the eye. If you are attending a nightclub party and other occasions and want to gain attention in a noisy crowd, the effect of creating big eyes with bright smoky makeup is dazzling. The traditional black smoky makeup may be relatively low-key and make the eyes look small. , while bright smoky makeup can enlarge the eyes.

If the eyeshadow is too thick, you can use a clean finger to dip a little lotion and apply it to the area where the eye shadow is too thick. It can not only play an emergency correction role but also create a natural layering. Here’s how to draw eyeshadow for big eyes, I hope it can help you.

Also, pay attention to the makeup method. After dipping, you must shake the eye shadow brush, and apply the color in a small amount and many times, to have a sense of layering, and there will be no obvious border between the colors superimposed, and the effect is better. And it’s easy to touch up makeup. If you paint too heavily all of a sudden, you can only remove the makeup and start over.

A little trick for your information. The brightening of the skin around the eyes is also a way to increase the size of the eyes. Put some highlighting powder on the local parts of the eyes, such as the inner corner of the eye or the position of the brow bone. Adding some bright colors in these places also increases the eye makeup.

For the eyeliner part, if you are not skilled, you can only draw the second half of the eyeliner. The eyeliner can be slightly longer, and the eyes can be elongated visually. The lower eyelashes can also be used to draw eyelashes on the eyelids, and thick eyelashes can enlarge the eyes.

It’s as simple as that, eye makeup is done. Not only is it suitable for autumn, but also the perfect combination of anti-swelling eye shadow, slightly longer eyeliner, and thick eyelashes that can quickly enlarge the eyes, and is very friendly to girls with swollen eyes. If you want to apply such makeup, try it and you got this!