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Yellow and orange eyeshadow is very eye-catching. Although it looks good, it is more difficult than other daily eye shadows. There has also been a lot of yellow eyeshadow on the market recently, but the editor himself has a darker skin tone, so I don’t dare to paint. It’s almost Halloween now, even if you don’t draw every day, let’s try it!

The color theme of Halloween, orange, black, and yellow echoing with “Jack Lantern” are the traditional colors of Halloween, black represents black cats, spiders, and witches, and orange is Jack-O’-Lantern, These are common Halloween symbols. How can you miss the party with the most stylish look?

Nail this Halloween with yellow and orange eyeshadow
How to draw golden eye shadow? The first reaction of many girls when they hear golden eye shadow is that it is exaggerated and not every day. Then let’s introduce to the girls a golden eye makeup that is both every day and eye-catching. Halloween is coming soon, if you think vampire makeup is too heavy, you might as well try this one!

This makeup is still relatively simple. First, use yellow and orange eyeshadow on your eyelids to create the color of pumpkins. To use eye shadow to draw a water drop shape on the tip of the nose, then use eyeliner to stroke, golden eye shadow as a highlight, apply it to the nose, the corners of the eyes, and the peak of the lips, and finally use eyeliner to draw the lines on the lips, on the cheeks.

Use light beige as a base for all the eye sockets; (note: do not use a large area of pearlescent light, it will make the eyes look swollen) Use pumpkin eye shadow to apply within the crease line of the double eyelid, pay attention to the eye shadow to be smudged and open, and there should be no obvious boundaries. At the end of the eye, apply dark brown eye shadow in a small area to strengthen the eye contour and increase the three-dimensional effect of the eye.

You can also put some freckles on the side, it doesn’t matter if the lines are slightly crooked. Lightly create small freckles with brown eyeliner, then create the all-important tri-color ombré lip. Start with a dry orange lip gloss, then layer a bright orange lip gloss in the center, and finish with a dark orange lip gloss.

Orange eye makeup with bat hairpins and a small magic wand is also very flavorful. A small and fresh forest fairy makeup. Light brown eyebrows, with orange eye shadow and orange lip makeup, there is no exaggerated painting method, here are all very normal painting methods, but the delicate orange makeup looks better with the forest elves!

Note that after painting the eye shadow, apply black eyeliner, and add red inner eyeliner, as well as the upper line eyeliner. The blush part can be applied in a large area under the eyes, similar to the application method of Japanese flush makeup.

When it comes to lipstick, since it’s Halloween, it has to be different. The wine-hearted red is like a goddess, when you apply it, the aura is fully opened, and it is the most suitable for Halloween! The red lip makeup shows the elegant temperament incisively and vividly, and the whole makeup is charming and generous, bringing a just right sense of ceremony to his unique charming charm.

However, if the color is high and the color is long-lasting, it is relatively easy to cause dry lips, so be sure to do a good job of moisturizing your lips before going to bed or before applying lipstick! As long as the moisturizing is done well, it is not easy to have fine lines on the lips due to prolonged dryness.

To ensure the harmony and good-looking of the whole Halloween makeup style, remember to match your eye shadow with good lipstick, such as red, berry, and brown tones are more suitable for the above eye makeup. It is recommended not to wear nudes because it is too plain for a party. If you are not brilliant enough, how can you be the coolest girl on the street?

Obviously, it is inevitable to dress up properly for Halloween, and I will teach you some other special makeup next time!