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Are you looking for an eyeshadow palette with brush set? Many eyeshadow palettes now come with a brush set and a small mirror to make it quicker and easier for customers to use it, so you can get a shiny look right away with this palette.

Do all eyeshadow palettes have brushes?

Not all brands come with an eyeshadow brush. Many brands do not come with eyeshadow brushes due to product packaging and cost considerations. And usually, the eyeshadow brushes in eyeshadow palettes only have 1-2 short brushes because it needs to be tucked into a delicate and compact eyeshadow palette, so the standard sized ones are hard to fit.

So, it is necessary to buy our own eyeshadow brush kit. This way we are able to use all of our eyeshadow palettes easily and comfortably.

How to choose the right eyeshadow brush for ourselves?

Regarding how to choose the eyeshadow brush, first we need to consider the following 3 questions.

1. Animal hair or artificial fiber?

When it comes to choosing a brush, newcomers are generally confused about how to choose, animal hair sounds more expensive, and fiber hair gives people the first feeling of cheap, but in practice, the former is necessarily better than the latter? Not necessarily!

Animal hair has a lot of scales on its surface, and its ability to grab powder is better and more even than smooth artificial hair, so most loose powder brushes, blush brushes, and powder eye shadow brushes are made with animal hair. Because fiber bristles do not have scales, they do not absorb liquid or cream products, so usually foundation brushes and cream eyeshadow brushes use fiber bristles.

2. Should the bristles be fluffy or firm? Soft and flexible?

Depending on the use of the brush, we have different requirements for the texture of the bristles. In principle, fluffy brushes are less effective than firm brushes in terms of coloring but have better smudging effects than the latter.

3. Buy a brush set or a single brush?

For the eyeshadow brush part, the advice to newcomers is still to enter a set of brushes, but this set does not refer to the set of commercially available brushes, but we go to match our own set according to our needs.

What eye brushes are essential for makeup beginners?

When we are new to makeup, the variety of eye brushes is really confusing, but usually we need no more than three brushes at most if just applying a simple eye makeup.

1. A flat shader brush or a flat oval shaped blending brush, one of which is used to spread the color of the eyeshadow.

2. A small pillar shaped blending brush is my personal must-have to deepen the smudge on the end of the eyes.

3. Depending on the situation, we can use a pencil brush or a C-shaped brush to smudge the lower eyeshadow.

For makeup veterans, what kind of eye brush can upgrade the makeup look?

When we accumulate some makeup experience and become a veteran, what we need to consider is the size of the brush when choosing a brush set.

Eyeshadow needs to be layered layer by layer, and the range is different, so the size of the brush needed is also different. The same brush shape probably needs at least two sizes, or a few more of the same size, especially the blending brush.

However, if you still badly desire to get an eyeshadow palette with brush set to more conveniently complete a less complicated daily look, the following Explorer Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary is highly recommended.

This collection of eyeshadow palettes is inspired by various animals in the jungle, with a sensible and stunning color palette. Many eyeshadow palettes only come with a small, short eyeshadow brush, which is very inconvenient to use in practice. This eye shadow from Perfect Diary comes with a professional double-ended eyeshadow brush that allows you to apply your eyeshadow for the best results.


An excellent quality and reasonable eyeshadow brush set can give you a natural and clean eye makeup and a better way to apply a variety of colorful and artistic eye makeup. An eyeshadow palette with brush set is not enough for higher eye makeup needs, but just a simple eye makeup, a good self-contained eyeshadow brush can also cope with, moreover, it is the best choice for saving space for travel!