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What is Powder puff? It is a soft and lightweight device for wearing makeup on the face. Different products are available in distinct materials, shapes, and functions to meet the various needs of cosmetic users.

The materials of powder puff include velour and cushiony sponge, Rubycell, PU, microfiber fleece, and cotton. Different materials are suitable for distinctive skin types and desired finishes.

The shapes of powder puff include triangle, rounded, teardrop, and polygonal. Different shapes are suitable for diverse facial areas.

What is Powder puff?

● Functions: Powder puff has multiple functions, it could be applied for loose powder, body powder, and shading powder for dry use, it also could be used for BB cream, liquid foundation, and sunscreen for wet use. It contains ultra-fine absorbing powders to instantly blot away redundant facial oil, keeping your skin appearing young and luminous without settling into fine wrinkles. It could assist you in maintaining a soft-matte skin tone that lasts throughout the day.

No matter what kind of skin you are, oily, dry, comprehensive, normal, combination, or sensitive skin, the powder puff can satisfy your needs, it could be used in any situation with your skin breathing freely.

● Usage: It’s painless and quick to use. When applying foundation, you just need to pour some loose face powder into the powder puff or put the puff into the powder box, then turn the box upside down so that the powder can fall on the puff.

And the most decisive procedure is to knead the puff together so that the loose powder adheres evenly to the puff for making the makeup look lighter, foggier, and more even. Next, pat the powder on the whole or partial face or body blandly. The makeup is finished.

● Sanitation: Powder puffs are launderable. On the grounds that they are generally used as the last step of makeup, so they will be stained with a lot of makeup substances. Therefore, it should be washed every week, stored well, and dry under the shadow for the sake of sanitation. Otherwise, it will ruin your flawless makeup finish and make your face more sensitive because it carries a lot of bacteria and dust.

It can be washed by hand or washed in the machine with soap. If washing by hand, please pay attention to the strength and time of washing, and rinse off the foam totally. If washing by the machine, please put it into the laundry bag and don’t mix the puff with dark clothes, otherwise, it will get dyed.

What is Powder puff? Powder puff is crucial for obtaining a perfect, foggy, and nearly pore-free complexion. Hence, to concern comprehensively, the quality-price ratio of the powder puff of Perfect Diary is favorable. Let me explain more details about the Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder puff to you.

The first layer is Rubycell, which has smooth touch. The skin-friendly contact surface is neat, making it easy to apply foundation or powder. The special material enables the powder easily attach to the puff and don’t scatter in the air.

The triangle shape molds and adapts to the corners of the face, making powder or liquid cosmetics accessible in all regions. It retains product effectively and melts into the skin without causing the foundation or powder to be disturbed. There will be no folds or dry spots in your makeup finish.

The second layer is a polyester-cotton blend that is hydrophilic, soft and has high elasticity. Kneading and washing do not deform this highly elastic and dense material. Because the pores on the contact surface are small, it is delicate and does not absorb powder, and the makeup is very even. There has so abundant substance that is very soft and plush, but the surface won’t collapse.

The third layer, PU leather, is resistant to washing. The puff’s surface is bouncy, and the texture of the back of the leather material looks extra high class and elegant. There has a glossy ribbon on the back, displaying grace at the same time. Nevertheless, it is straightforward and convenient to hold makeup with just one hand or even two fingers.

So, choosing our brand of Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder puff allows you to have the best makeup experience and makeup results, you don’t have to be concerned about creasing, cakey, separation, or dirty makeup, because the powder puffs are the protective cover for your perfect makeup, and it applied powder to the face with ease.