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How to make setting spray? Setting spray is important for presenting perfect makeup. We will introduce the functions of setting spray and the method of DIYing setting spray at home.

Learning how to make setting spray at home has many advantages, we will also talk about them in the article.

What is setting spray?

Sometimes you try much effort to wear makeup but it is all gone away when you are sweating leaving dirty marks on your face. This is indeed an embarrassing experience and your efforts are paid in vain. Particularly in the summertime, every time going out, you need to worry about the hot weather will melt your makeup down, quite upset? That is when the setting spray plays its function.

If the setting spray is good enough, you do not even bother to re-apply the makeup. A good setting spray can well protect your makeup. It spreads a protective layer over your face. It is like the sugar coat that prevents the external dirt from contaminating the makeup. It is easy to use. After wearing the makeup, you can just press the button of the bottle to spread out the spray to your face.

How to make setting spray? Here are some tips

You can make different types of makeup water at home as long as you have adequate tools and materials. The makeup water made of flowers and plants is fragrant, thus popular among cosmetics fans.

Use lavender oil and aloe gel to make fragrant setting water

These two elements have distinct purposes. The aloe gel is effective in keeping your face matte and de-oiling, allowing your makeup to last all day. It can also keep your skin hydrated. Lavender oil can help to brighten the hue of your skin while also preventing acne.

Note: For the blend of lavender oil and aloe gel to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, the aloe gel should be as natural as possible, including no preservatives or stains.

Two spoons of aloe gel and two or three drops of lavender oil are needed to prepare the setting spray. 1.5 glasses of water to combine the ingredients. Fill the disinfected spray bottle halfway with the liquid.

Rosewater and witch hazel-based setting spray

These terrific and natural elements can help to de-oil your skin and make it seem healthy, hydrated, and de-oiled. Acne and pimples can also be prevented with these ingredients. As a result, it’s a fantastic choice to make at home.

One spoon of rosewater, one spoon of witch hazel, and 1.5 glasses of water are required. Pour it into the sterilized spray bottle and chill it for 2 to 3 weeks, or until all of the ingredients are well blended.

These two forms of setting spray both have a pleasant scent and are beneficial to your skin. And the procedures for creating them are simple. The DIY makeup water, unlike commercial solutions, includes no components that are damaging to your sensitive skin. Finding the correct setting spray for sensitive skin might take a long time, and the product is always pricey.

While creating the spray yourself can save time and provide the greatest treatment for your skin. Other varieties of spray exist as well. If you’re interested, you can find dozens of recipes by searching online. If you’re not a fan of setting spray, you might opt for setting powder instead.

Perfect Diary provides you with a variety of options. Translucent Blurring Loose Powder, for example, is recommended. It’s great for managing grease and keeping your makeup looking fresh. Furthermore, it is produced in a competent laboratory. You can rely on the product’s quality and safety.

It has two colors, transparent and natural colors. The transparent is suitable for all skin tones and the natural is suitable for yellow and warm skin. You can enter our website to have more information.

To sum up

We’ve already discussed what setting spray is and how to make it. Lavender oil and aloe gel, as well as rosewater and witch hazel sprays, are available as recipes. If you find the information in this post valuable, please let us know. Do not hesitate to get started if you wish to produce the spray yourself.