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How to use bronzer and highlighter? To new makeup students, make-up products can be used in the same way. It’s the same reason that some people use lip glaze as blush, but for some professional makeup artists, the two functions are different. Some bloggers described bronzer’s cheeks as like a face kissed by the sun. Let’s start with the origin of bronze powder.

Bronze powder is to create a healthy sun-tanning effect after sunbathing on the beach, shadow powder is to create a three-dimensional effect of light and shade on the face, so generally, the bronze powder is also glossy, shadow powder is mostly matte, and the location of use is also different.

The position of the bronzer powder is similar to that of the blush, it can be used on the highest part of the cheekbones, and the shadow powder is lower and below the cheekbones. But because human skin is not a white paper, and makeup is not a sketch, it depends on our skin color, facial features, and personal style, so gray without blood is not a good choice for grooming, it will look sick.

The current bronzer is available in light bronze, bronze, and dark bronze. A light bronzer is suitable for fair skin. The bronzer is suitable for yellow-toned skin, neither yellow nor gray, and this color brush can be used directly for nose shadows. The deep bronze color is suitable for brushing the collarbone and legs, and this color can also be used for the pursuit of the ultimate three-dimensional effect.

How to use bronzer and highlighter to shape your face?

The bronzer is mainly brushed on the temples and above the forehead, both sides of the cheekbones to the blush position, the center of the bridge of the nose, and the chin. Depending on where it acts on the face and what you want to achieve, the brushes used are slightly different.

Bronze powder generally chooses a round head type with a large brush head and a wide range of smudges, while repairing powder generally chooses a flat, tapered, or angled flat brush head.

Focus on the T-zone. In the process of applying the highlight powder to the T-zone, pay attention to the dividing line when hitting the highlight. Do not hit too high. The highest position of the dividing line is between the two eyebrows. To smudge the highlights of the T-zone, you can use your fingers gently smudge the highlights of the T-zone. The area to be hit should not be too scattered and are generally concentrated in the T-zone.

Putting the highlight on the laughing muscle areas will make the face look fuller, and it can also effectively improve the wrinkles at the end of the eyes. You can use a highlighter to draw a circle on the laughing chin areas and gently push your fingers through the powder.

Then evenly highlight the cheekbones to make the contours of the face look full and shiny. You can choose a highlighter powder that is close to your skin tone thus it looks natural. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the skin tone. You can choose white or off-white highlighting powder, and those with yellow skin can choose golden yellow or bronze color.

You can apply a highlighter stick to the position of the nasolabial folds, and then gently pat them open, the sunken nasolabial folds will become very bright, and helps to hide your nasolabial folds. This method can cover up your nasolabial folds well and make your skin looks young and refresh.

Women with dark circles can also use highlighter powder to modify this part, just swipe lightly under the eyes, so that no matter whether eye shadow is applied or not, the eyes will look very clean and shining.

You can use a highlight stick to draw a triangle on the chin and fill the triangle, and then use it with the contour stick to make your chin more warped and make your makeup look more vivid and stereoscopic.

Don’t apply highlights all over your face, which can make your face look like a piece of metal. Just swipe the highlights on the areas that need to be brightened. How to use bronzer and highlighter? Now you know!