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Peach pink matte lipstick is now a hit for girls and women of any age. Perfect Diary Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick is a non-fading and non-stick lipstick, this small stiletto gilt tube body, pays tribute to the slender and powerful line of the classic heel of high heels, revealing women’s sassy and confidence. Designed in semi-matte custom leather, the look is refined and stain-resistant and redefines matte lipstick with an innovative texture, VelvetGlide, which combines intense color with a smooth feel.

High heels are not only for sexy, red lips are not just synonymous with temptation, they can also be the blessing of women’s self-confidence and the expression of women’s self-attitude. Self-confidence and courage in the bones are the luxuries that every girl should enjoy.

If you are looking for a peach pink matte lipstick, the L13 Frosting Peach from Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick is a very hit color for girls. There will be a little light brown and orange tones on the mouth, and there is no lack of cuteness in it. It can be used in any season, whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. It is a very versatile color number.

The upper mouth is very moisturizing, it will not dry, and it will not get stuck on the lip lines. You only need to tap twice on the peak of your lip and apply it on the lower lip, it is very easy to push away, and it is very easy to use.

It will have a little orange tone when applied thinly. It is very energetic and has a girlish heart. When applied thickly, it has a brown tone, so it is very temperamental. Fairies with better skin can also enhance their complexion without makeup, which is also very good.

The whole is very reddish, very complex. The texture is smooth and easy to spread. No lip lines, moisturizing and natural on the lips. With a swipe of the upper lip, the lip petals are as dazzling as flowers blooming, the saturation is moderate, and the original lip color can be retained, looming and sultry. If you want to increase your luck in 2022, then this lipstick is essential!

A gentle and sweet shade of rose and peach that blends perfectly with the original lip color, whether used as a lip base or as a direct application. This shade looks equally good whether it is thin or thick. Thin coating is clear peach, thick coating is heavier, whether it is light makeup or plain makeup, it can be well matched.

Peach pink matte lipstick, why choose it?
The peach color lipstick can be gentle and girly, and it is an invincible all-match king! This spring and summer, peach color is definitely one of the hottest colors in the lipstick industry. It has a filter with a natural sense of gentleness, and it can enhance the elegant temperament.

The light color of the peach lipstick gives people a very comfortable feeling, so many girls like it very much when they buy it, but many people with yellow skin who buy lipstick for the first time will be more worried, after all, yellow skin and White skin is different, not all colors can be controlled.

The peach color lipstick is very versatile on the whole. It can be applied by people with dark yellow or fair skin. It is very suitable for yellow skin, but when choosing, if the skin is relatively yellow, it is best to choose a warmer color. This can make the skin fairer and more translucent.

If the skin tone is darker, you can consider the color with higher saturation, which looks very good on the mouth. The matte and matte makeup effect gives people a very advanced feeling, and the overall paste is relatively moisturizing, so it can achieve a lasting moisturizing effect. The light peach powder does not look too coquettish, and at the same time There is no dull feeling, and overall it is very comfortable.

Fall and winter are coming soon, if you like a darker peach color, you might as well take a look at the market now, choose a delicate lipstick that suits you, and have a beautiful fall and winter! Lipstick is an essential makeup item for every girl. Even if you have a plain face, as long as you put on lipstick, it will greatly improve a person’s complexion!