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What is red concealer used to? As we all know, there are many colors of concealer to choose and match, and different colors of concealer have different effects for different types of blemishes on the face. So how to choose the right concealer to better create a flawless look is a lesson we must learn. If you want to know more, please continue.

1. Dark circles, tear troughs

Girls with dark circles and tear troughs can pick orange concealers when choosing concealers. Since dark circles are formed by different shades of blue or purple, orange concealers can play a good role in complementing the color. Depending on the severity of the dark circles, there is no guarantee that a particular product will cover them completely, but the effect of even skin tone is still good.


The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin. Since blinking and other actions are often active, it is best to choose a concealer that is both comfortable and moisturizing, so that it can also avoid dryness that produces eye lines. 

2. Freckles, acne, and pimple marks

If there are only some small blemishes on your face like pimples and acne marks, then the most primer-colored concealer on the market is of course the first choice. It is best to choose a color that is one shade darker than your own base color, for example, if you use the first white in the foundation, it is recommended that the concealer product choose the second white number, and so on, to create a natural nude makeup. 


For very small freckles and acne marks, we recommend using a concealer. Just dab it on the area to be concealed and gently pat it away with your fingers.

3Redness of the skin

What is red concealer used to? This time use it? For some skin redness, or red acne, acne scars, it is recommended that you use green concealer to modify, but also because of the principle of complementary colors, if you are new to worry about how much to use, you can mix the green concealer in their own foundation, so that the color can be more natural blend together.


We recommend using a concealer that is highly moisturizing and blends easily. 

4. Blending skin tone colors

Purple concealer is mostly used on yellow-toned skin to neutralize the yellow tones in the skin tone and make the skin look brighter and whiter, but if used on the whole face it will make the face look less three-dimensional, so it is more suitable for local use.


It is recommended that you use a lotion, the purple concealer used in the T-zone to the edge of the halo, brighten up at the same time also neutralize the problem of yellowish skin tone. 

5. Dull colors around the eyes

Lemon yellow concealer may not be used as often as we would like, but it is particularly effective for darkness around the eyes. Unlike dark circles, under-eye dullness is often caused by UV rays or irregularities in life, and a soft lemon color can just neutralize this settling and give the eye shadow a more natural and pure color.


Concealers for dark circles around the eyes are similar in texture to concealers for dark circles. We recommend using a concealer cream, which is more moisturizing and less prone to wrinkles.

The principle of concealer

The concealer is through the “neutralizing and toning” to achieve the mystery of skin color correction. The corresponding color can be reconciled, for example, green and red is a contrasting color, red blood color can be reconciled with green concealer. Yellow and purple are contrasting colors, dull and yellow skin tone can be brightened with purple concealer.

How to use concealer

Step 1: If it’s a red pimple, use a green concealer, otherwise use a darker one than the skin on the pimple to make it look more natural.

Step 2: Make the concealer evenly and press it gently with your fingers to make it fit naturally with your skin.

Step 3: Then use a powder brush to apply a layer of foundation close to the skin tone in the concealer.

Step 4: Use a small brush to even out the borderline between the concealer on the acne and the skin tone.

Step 5: The last step is to apply a layer of loose powder on the skin so that the pimples will be free from traces.


Let’s go back to the question you wanted to ask, what is red concealer used to? Red concealers are very rare and according to the principle of color complementarity, we rarely have the chance to have green blemishes. If it is just dark circles under the eyes, pink concealers and orange ones would be very suitable.