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How to choose the best smokey eye palette is always important for makeup beginners, for it plays a vital role in nailing the perfect eye makeup. We all know the art of makeup, especially for smokey eyes, requires a great deal of practice and patience to get perfect looks. So how do newbies decide on their suitable smokey eye palette at an entry-level stage? Follow me to discover further.

Step 1: get a range of varied shades
Newbies who are eager to make smokey eyes easily get a misunderstanding that it is a must to own shades of all dark colors, like darker black and brown. However, when applying it to eyes, they just find a panda sitting in front of the mirror rather than beauty with smokey eyes. The better way then is to get an eye palette at least with one light color, so that your eye makeup won’t look dirty and weird.

Moreover, beginners at first could practice making subtle smokey eyes, and try to add shimmers here and there for drama. It is not the traditional stark gray and black eye shadow, but undoubtedly it is much easier. And later your dream smokey eyes must be achieved by lots of practice. Also, this palette is used to make other eye makeups with other shades, avoiding laying idle.

Step 2: choose a high-quality palette
Don’t purchase one palette just because it is eye-catching. It doesn’t mean a thing. What we buy is expected to complete a perfect makeup on the eyes, and for that, the quality should be taken into significant consideration. And mostly, it is more important if the shades are highly pigmented. To test pigment, you’d better go to offline cosmetic stores to check by yourself.

The common way is to dip the color with your fingertip and swipe it on the inner arm. It is helpful to determine the pigment and depth in color tone, showing how strong the color is and how much staying power it has. If it doesn’t look vibrantly, there’s no need to get this palette, for it won’t be useful on your eyelids. After all, no one expects to be observed like a ghost when hanging out on the street. And the choice for the best smokey eye palette can’t be too careful.

Another point of a high-quality eye palette depends on the harmonious blend of colors. Try to blend all types of colors there and see the result. Products with poor quality won’t blend well. Besides, what to be noticed is that the color appears even and consistently or not when being applied. It is an important part of a perfect eye product. So don’t let your eyeshadow show patchy and cling to one spot of your eye. Glamours look needs the assistance of high-quality cosmetics.

Step 3: apply clean eye palettes
When your skin or eyes shows irritation when applying cosmetics, it may tell you there are harmful ingredients involved. And as the most fragile skin, the surrounding areas of eyes should be paid more attention to. If without good care, the most terrible consequence will be to affect your version. Therefore, it is necessary to check the ingredients contained in the eye products, mainly for sensitive eyes.

One method to avoid such products lies in not purchasing extremely cheap cosmetics. For example, an eye palette with over 50 colors just costs $15. Low price follows the low quality all the time. Don’t be fooled by the surface! If your budget allows, some high-end palettes by big brands are a good choice, because these companies are all equipped with professional research teams and establish a complete system from development to production, such as Perfect Diary.

If you have a narrow budget, drugstores are able to be in your list. It not only provides a competitive price but gives you some useful instructions about your skin and explains the ingredients of eye products in detail.

Overall, it seems not very difficult to find the best smokey eye palette for beginners. What really matters is your choice. And don’t neglect your health when in pursuit of beauty with eye products. Health is the foundation of a charming look.