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Makeup sponge or brush, which one to choose? Many makeup beginners don’t understand the difference between the two, thinking that they are both makeup tools that are similar in function, and don’t distinguish them carefully in their daily use, but mix them. If you want to know more about these two tools, keep scrolling down!

First, what is the difference between sponges and makeup brushes?

There is a difference in the appearance, usage and applicability between them.

The first is the difference in appearance. Makeup sponges are made of sponges with a fluffy and soft texture. The shape of the makeup sponge is peach-shaped, while the sponge used to apply the base makeup is raindrop-shaped. Both shapes of the sponge can be used for touch-ups on various parts of the face.

The brush head of the makeup brush is fine-bristled in the shape of an umbrella spread out for different parts of the face, and there are differences in the shape and material of the brush head.

The sponge is suitable for oily skin, and its makeup effect is lighter and more translucent, and long-lasting. When using a sponge for makeup, first do your pre-makeup skin care. Dipping the sponge into the makeup prep to prime the skin will result in finer pores and a more even skin tone. Apply it with a pressing motion and then slowly spread it out. When applying foundation, dip a moistened sponge into the foundation and apply it evenly from the inside out starting from the cheeks and patting gently so that the base makeup is applied with an even and clear natural complexion.

The makeup brush can be used for all skin types. Before applying your foundation, use a makeup primer. Choose a flat foundation brush, dip it in and brush it on from the inside out, from the bottom up. Be careful not to forget the small areas around the eyes and mouth. Choose a tube foundation brush, dip the brush into the foundation and brush it evenly over the face, this will make the pores hidden instantly. If there are spots and pimple marks on the face, you can use a small concealer brush and dip it into the right amount of concealer to cover them in a dabbing manner.

Makeup sponge or brush for foundation?

Makeup brushes and sponges are two of the more commonly used makeup tools when applying foundation. The brushes used to apply foundation usually have a shorter brush head, and the bristles on top of the brush can sweep the foundation away, making it lighter on the face.

However, the quality of makeup brushes in the market nowadays is too different. If you use a makeup brush with not very good bristles, there will be a trace of bristles on your face when you apply foundation, and your makeup will not look very flattering.

Therefore, for newcomers, makeup brushes are not very suitable, because makeup is already difficult for them, not to mention the need to choose a suitable one for themselves. Then the sponge comes into its own.

The sponge is also a good tool to draw the foundation, because it is a sponge material that is more delicate, when applying on the foundation will make it smoother. And the sponge also has a certain adsorption capacity, can absorb the excess foundation on our face, so that the foundation is not so heavy, it will also look more even and light.

The texture of the sponge on the market is similar, as long as you choose a fine texture, soft one. Compared to makeup brushes, it is much simpler and better for newcomers to makeup to choose.

To sum up, girls with better makeup skills can choose makeup brushes, and girls who are not very skilled in makeup can choose sponges.

But what needs attention for sponge:

There are many small holes on the surface of the sponge, and these holes are very easy to eat powder. So, using a sponge to apply foundation will be more costly than using a brush to apply foundation, not only that, but the sponge is also still a very easy place to hide dirt, if not regularly cleaned, very residual a lot of bacteria and cosmetic ingredients.


Whether it’s a makeup sponge or brush, the tool that suits you is the best, and we can experiment in the right way to find the tool that suits us better