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Are you struggling between foundation brush vs beauty blender? What are the differences between them? You may want to update your makeup tools sometimes. But first, you should understand both of their advantages. Today we would like to go deeper into these two different makeup tools.

The beauty blender is in the shape of a gourd and a water droplet. In terms of appearance, the beauty blender is more advantageous, because its shape is really cute, and it looks very cute and cute. Because its surface is rounded and soft, it can be used for most makeup needs and can help you deal with some details.

The beauty blender is generally made of sponge material, which is very soft and elastic. When using it, you will feel very comfortable whether it is on the hand or the face. The beauty blender is very elastic and has a good rebound effect, so when applying makeup, the makeup area is relatively large, and the makeup look created has a matte look and is lighter.

The advantages of the foundation brush vs beauty blender

For beginners, beauty blenders are more suitable than makeup brushes. If you are new to this area and like to apply light makeup, it is better to use a makeup blender. As you may want to save some time on makeup. The advantage of the beauty blenders is that the makeup is evenly applied, the makeup area is large, and the speed is fast.

The makeup brush may be too hard for new learners to apply makeup. If you can not use it smoothly, it will leave obvious brush marks. But any tools you choose take time to practice. If you have time, you can improve your makeup skills step by step.

Of course, if you prefer to do manicures. We recommend that you use a beauty brush instead. We use makeup blenders or fingers, and our hands are often stained with the remains of liquid foundation, and those with long nails are even worse! You may find your nails full of liquid foundation.

The makeup effect of the foundation brush, its gloss, and moisture is higher than in other makeup tools. Like when we use the beauty blender, we need to soak it first to make it look moisturizing, and the foundation brush can be used directly.

And the beauty blender we use has a poor ability to grasp powder, which is the so-called “eating powder”. When applying makeup, there will be a piece of powder or foundation liquid on the sponge. If you want to make it even, it will start to get muddy when you rub it there.

Girls like us now have more demands on ourselves, especially when using foundation products. If we only use makeup blenders, half of a bottle of liquid foundation is eaten by the makeup blenders. Makeup brushes are the tools that can “restore” the most realistic makeup effect of liquid foundation.

It does not take away the oil and moisture in the liquid foundation, and can also follow the skin lines and pores to create a polishing effect, but it is also prone to brush marks.

The beauty brush has about uncountable soft bristles. It is high-density and does not eat the powder. It fits better when it touches the uneven surface of the skin, so the base makeup will be more uniform, and it can be easily controlled in places like the nose that are the most prone to powder, the concealer strength is stronger than the beauty blender!

The fatal disadvantage of beauty blenders: easy to breed bacteria. Because the liquid foundation itself contains water, we often add a lot of water in the process of using the beauty blender to make the makeup effect better, and the breathable effect of the sponge blender makes it easy for bacteria to grow inside the product. It has become the norm for it to be moldy. So be sure to pay attention to cleaning and replacement after use.

The differences between the foundation brush vs beauty blender are a lot. You can choose within your makeup habits. You can combine the two when applying makeup, first use the brush to spread out quickly and evenly, and then pat and press with the beauty blender.