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“When do eyeshadows expire?” lots of makeup beginners ask this question when they purchase too much eyeshadow and find it difficult to use them up. Like food and beverages, cosmetics certainly have an expiration date. Normally powder has a longer shelf life than liquid and cream because it doesn’t contain moisture for trapping bacteria. And eyeshadow with powder formulation is almost effective for almost two years. But what will happen if you use expired eyeshadow?

Harmfulness caused by expired eyeshadow
It is not suggested to use expired makeup products, especially eyeshadow. It is applied to your eyes, and areas around eyes are always tough to decorate. Think that you have finished all other routines and want to use eyeshadow, but find eyeshadow is not useful as usual. It lacks pigmentation and makes the color not stay longer on the eyes. What is worse, the color is not the same one you use. It changes!

These are all caused by eyeshadow which has past the expiry date. And that’s why cosmetics manufacturers print the date on the packaging. Don’t forget to check the date when you use all makeup products, especially for liquid and cream formulations.

Besides, areas around the eyes are too delicate to apply bad cosmetics. They need more attention to take care. For someone with sensitive skin, the application of expired eyeshadow may cause skin irritation, inflammation and even pimples. Undoubtedly, no girl is willing to see her face become red and swollen. Thus, don’t feel sad when throwing them away. Just figure out the fee you need to pay the doctor for medicine.

Check the expiration date of your eyeshadow
We have already known the terrible consequence caused by expired eyeshadow, but when do eyesadows expire? How do we check whether it gets expired or not? Here are some tips to help you find good eyeshadow. At first, find the mark of an open jar with a number inside on the eyeshadow packaging. The number is usually 6m, 12m or 24m, meaning this eyeshadow could be used within 6, 12 or 24 months upon opening.

It is always easy to find the number on the exterior, if not, please contact the staff working on the website you purchase. They are willing to help you solve problems at any time like Perfect Diary. And this date indicates when eyeshadow expires upon opening, some people may wonder if I don’t open it, it will be possible to keep it forever. Of course not! Though you keep the packaging complete, the ingredients involved in eyeshadow will also change gradually.

There is a method to check how long you could keep your eyeshadow when it is sealed up. On the bottle of packaging, it usually shows the product batch number formed from a series of letters and numbers. Then determine the expiration date on some websites supporting checking such cosmetics batch code. And you will know the proper time you should open it. Sometimes, the product packaging directly shows the expiration date, and then it is much easier to know when to use it more properly.

Tips for preserving eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is a must in most girls’ makeup bags, but it is actually difficult to use it up in a short time unless using it every day and apply much more. So how do you prolong its shelf life? Indeed, plenty of eyeshadow can’t have the same effect as before because of the inappropriate storage environment.

You’d better put it in a dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, which makes your eyeshadow go bad quickly. If necessary, desiccant could be also put on the side. Through these methods, eyeshadow could last longer without going moldy and damp. Another way for a durable eyeshadow is to clean your makeup tools such as a makeup brush and sponge once a week or at most once in two weeks. Don’t create a cozy and warm environment for growing bacteria.

The last tip is to close the eyeshadow tightly every time you finish applying it. The less moisture it absorbs, the less possible it gets moldy. And it is better to use your clean finger to dip the eyeshadow when you don’t have a makeup brush. Don’t let your eyeshadow become dirtier.

It is highly recommended that check the expiration date of your eyeshadow in time and toss it out when it actually gets expired. Don’t let your eyes get the risk of infection and irritation. And hope this article helps you express more clearly when someone asks “when do eyeshadows expire?”