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How to complete a perfect graduation eye makeup look? It’s graduation season again, and of course there are stars on campus! Do you want to leave a lifetime of memories in your graduation photos and shine like a star at the graduation ceremony? Why don’t you put a little thought into your makeup so you can stand out from the rest of the bachelor’s uniforms?

What makeup is not recommended?

Graduation is a big day and your makeup needs to be decent and long lasting, so smoky makeup is not suitable as a graduation eye makeup look. Smoky makeup does enlarge the eyes and it is very unique and eye-catching. But as a recent graduate, our graduation eye makeup should be fresher. Smoky makeup gives a more mature look. We can feel the glamour of this look at an older age.

So, what kind of graduation eye makeup look should we choose for this occasion?

Natural shimmery eye makeup

Step 1

In order to achieve better results with this kind of makeup, we need a good base makeup to make the skin equally glowing. The glossy look we are talking about here is not the kind of light that is so shiny, white and shiny naturally looks good on your skin, but accidentally looks oily. A matte texture with a bit of shine is the best looking skin texture. We can start with a matte texture primer, then highlight the T-zone and cheek area with a highlighter, and gently sweep it with a highlighter to make it look radiant.

Everyone has a different skin color, if your skin is black then don’t over pursue whitening, keep your original skin tone will look more natural. So, the foundation color number must be chosen and their skin color similar, do not pursue white skin and brush your face as paint.

Step 2

Slightly shimmering eye makeup makes you look a little shiny, and your eyes look as charming as little stars. Although there is no eye-catching effect of big eyes, clean eye makeup will give you a lot of points. At this time, we can choose an eye shadow with a light effect. Use eye shadow with sequins on the upper eyelid and the lying silkworm. The lying silkworm should not be painted very heavily. The purpose is not to highlight the size of the lying silkworm, but to make your eyes look more attractive.

Step 3

Use gold or white eye shadow to brush on the lying silkworm, and use peach pink eye shadow on the upper eyelid. If you are afraid that the eye shadow cannot be painted well, you can use a cotton swab. If the eye shadow is drawn beyond the desired part, just wipe it off with a cotton swab, giving a kind of clean and clear feel, the entire makeup is focused on the sparkle of your eyes. Brush the upper and lower lashes to have a curling effect.

Step 4

Choose the right eyebrows according to your face shape. The whole is mainly natural, and don’t choose too exaggerated styles. For most girls, wild eyebrows are a good choice, which can restore a natural state, make them more natural and decent, and can improve the eye contour.

Step 5

If you are taking a graduation photo, it is recommended not to choose a lipstick that is too heavy in color. When choosing a lipstick color, vitality and not exaggeration is the key point in choosing a lipstick.

Compared with positive red, it is more recommended for girls to choose colors like L02 Rosy Lambskin or L16 Rare Pumpkin of Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick of Perfect Diary.

Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick – Perfect Diary Official

They are very tolerant of skin color. Even girls with dark skin can choose to apply them on their mouths, which will make them more youthful and energetic, and will highlight the unique purity of girls.


After such a sparkling and natural graduation eye makeup look, all you need to think about is how to take unforgettable photos! Graduation is the end of school life, but it is the beginning of another life stage. The vibrant and youthful makeup will make your campus life freeze in photos!