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Today I would like to discuss what the secret of the best brush for pressed powder foundation is, we all know that pressed powder is an indispensable final step in setting makeup, however, whether we are used to using powder-type or loose powder-type setting products.

If we can match a suitable brush that can evenly grasp the powder, so that the foundation is more flattering is the key, then how to smartly select a best brush for pressed powder foundation has become an important issue for makeup novices. Let’s learn more about it!

What is the best brush for pressed powder foundation?

A powder brush is also called a loose powder brush or setting brush, and most of the brushes are made with a large number of thick bristles, so that the beauty can quickly and extensively finish the makeup. Depending on the material and shape chosen and other specifications, the corresponding types of powder will vary. There are also smaller sizes or products with more gathered bristles at the front for blush, highlighting and other functions, so you need to make a selection according to your needs.


The common shapes of honey powder brush heads are round, round flat, angled, etc. The most common round, with its bristles of thick and solid, can strongly adhere to the powder, the use of the most excellent results.

The round, flat shape has a flat feature, so it can correspond to the needs of a large area of makeup.

The angled type can be used for slightly wider areas such as cheeks because of its angle, while the smaller size is suitable for face contouring.

The Kabuki type with a thick and short brush handle and thick, solid bristles has the characteristics of being able to take powder evenly and the bristles are very flexible, making it suitable for creating natural makeup and nude makeup, and it is recommended for newcomers to start trying it.

Notes for selection:

The first thing you can do is hold the bristles with your fingers and gently comb them down to check if the bristles are falling off. Secondly, you can press the brush lightly on the back of your hand and draw a semicircle to check whether the bristles are neat. Finally, if the conditions allow, you can use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the brush hair, if it can remain intact, then the animal hair, and the hair curl is artificial fiber.

But consumers do not have to worry about whether animal hair is better, it is not necessarily. Because the quality of different animal hair will vary, although most have the advantage of soft and comfortable to the touch, but maintenance is not easy. And do not rule out that there are people whose skin type is prone to allergies to animal hair, so the purchase will require more thought. Man-made fiber bristles are stronger and more durable, cleaning and maintenance is also very easy, and can shorten the makeup time.

But it must be said that the highest grade of natural animal hair brush made of gray squirrel hair, despite the price is not expensive, but its versatility is very high and the professional makeup artists unanimously respected, can be called the best products in the hearts of makeup fans. It can help you achieve a natural and flawless look regardless of the makeup habits of the beauty. The brush is especially good at handling the bumpy surface of the pores with great care. Although it has an excellent grip on the powder, the actual brush is quite light to apply, and the feeling of rubbing against the skin is hardly felt, and the bristles are smooth and soft beyond words.

Tips for applying powder:

First, the key is the way the bristles dip into the pressed powder foundation, the beauty of the operation should not only use the front end to dip into the loose powder, but to ensure that both sides of the brush to really adhere to the powder to evenly apply makeup. For large areas such as the cheeks, one can brush the brush horizontally and flatly and move it outward from the center of the face. For detailed areas such as around the nose, on the other hand, people can turn the powder brush in an upright position.

Also, getting a good professional brush is a good thing, but actually cleaning and maintenance efforts are also important. You can choose a professional brush cleaner and pour a few drops on the brush after each use, then rinse it with cold water in the direction of the bristles for a while and let it dry. If there is no professional cleaning agent, you can put the brush into the warm water diluted shampoo every two weeks, then rinse it with cold water and dry it after finishing the bristles.

What exactly is the best brush for pressed powder foundation, I believe that through the above you also have a certain understanding of this, such as its meaning, types, role, selection of the magic trick has been how to clean and maintain. How about it? Do you have a newer and more comprehensive knowledge of cosmetics? Take action now!