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Do you know how to apply powder foundation with a brush? The foundation brush is the most common makeup tool for us to apply foundation makeup. The foundation brush is very fast and convenient to apply makeup. It is the favorite makeup tool of many professional makeup artists. The foundation brush can help us create glossy and beautiful skin. Today we will give a brief on the different foundation brushes.

The tongue-shaped foundation

The tongue-shaped foundation brush is relatively small and has an arc like a tongue. It is characterized by the fast application of makeup. It can quickly complete the application of makeup, and the makeup effect is good. It is very light and breathable and does not hurt the face. This foundation brush is suitable for use when applying light makeup. This is very useful for people who do not like heavy makeup.

The tongue-shaped foundation brush has its own unique characteristics, so how to apply powder foundation with a brush? First of all, we’d better choose a flexible foundation brush with a flat brush head. When using it, you should apply the foundation in one direction. You can’t apply it back and forth to avoid uneven foundation. On the forehead, you need to brush left and right to make the forehead. The foundation is more even.

The flat-headed foundation brush

The flat-headed foundation brush is being used widely among people. It is the first choice for every girl when applying makeup. This type of foundation brush has a particularly good foundation effect on blemishes. Its dense bristles are perfect for thick foundations.

When choosing a flat-headed foundation brush, you should choose a foundation brush with dense bristles and softness, because the method of using the flat-headed foundation brush is to apply foundation in a circular manner on the face, so the requirements for softness are very high. This method can better fill the pores and can play a very good concealer effect. The circular way should be from the inside out.

The toothbrush-type foundation brush

The toothbrush-type foundation brush is particularly good for the foundation makeup on the details. This foundation brush has very soft and dense bristles and is suitable for applying a creamy foundation. The foundation makeup produced with it is very delicate and suitable for handling details.

Toothbrush-type foundation brushes have good details, but they also have many requirements. First of all, you should choose soft ones with good bristles density. Such foundation brushes do not eat the powder. When you use them, you should apply them in one direction, regardless of any part of the face. When using this foundation brush, you must brush in one direction, so as not to easily smudge the makeup.

Flat foundation brush

The bristles of a flat foundation brush are very fine and dense. This foundation brush applies makeup very quickly and can cover a large area, so the foundation looks like a thin layer after applying it. How to apply powder foundation with a brush like this?

The flat foundation brush is suitable for applying a large area of foundation. It is best to choose a foundation brush with a high level of bristles and a high density of bristles so that the brushing is faster. When brushing, it should be applied evenly in one direction, do not brush back and forth, such a large area The foundation brush will appear extra thick after brushing back and forth.

Apply foundation on the T-zone, under the eyes, and on the chin. Apply from the center of the face outwards and gently slide the foundation brush. Finally, swipe the contour area of the face to keep the makeup effect even. The direction of brushing the foundation is from the inside to the outside, from the bottom to the top. Do not brush back and forth. Keep brushing in one direction.

The trick is to apply a small amount of brush to the oil-prone t-zone to prevent it from being too obvious when makeup is removed. After brushing, be sure to use powder or loose powder to set the makeup, so that the base makeup can last longer. The foundation brush should be cleaned regularly. According to the frequency of use, it should be cleaned every 3 to 7 days!