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Are you looking for the best liquid foundation brush? There are many tools for applying liquid foundation, we can use our fingers, sponges, and foundation brushes. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and we can choose the right application tool according to our own condition.

Powder foundation vs liquid foundation, what is the difference?
First of all, to get to know the best liquid foundation brush, we need to know more about foundations. Foundation is the basis of the entire makeup look, and it is only after completing a flawless, clean foundation that we continue with the rest of the makeup, so its importance cannot be overstated.
1. Different textures
The main difference between them, and one that we can see immediately, is the difference in texture. Powder foundation is powder, which is pressed very solidly and has no fluidity, while liquid foundation is liquid and has relatively strong fluidity.

2. Suitable for different skin types
Powder is more suitable for oily skin girls, because powder products are easier to absorb the oil on our face, can achieve good oil control effect, and also very smooth and light to use. The foundation is more suitable for dry skin people because it is liquid, so it will be more moisturizing, after the makeup will be very smooth. So, depending on the individual skin type, we choose different products.

3. The difference in effect
If you use these two products separately to create a foundation, you will find that the powder will show a matte effect. The effect of foundation is shinier and clearer.

4. The difference between concealment
The concealing effect of the two is also different, powder, because the makeup is thicker, so suitable to cover some acne marks, face pits and so on, because its powder can fill the uneven pores of the face very well. The foundation is more suitable for people who have skin problems such as blemishes, redness on the face such as red blood, because it can evenly adjust the skin tone of the whole face.

How to pick the best liquid foundation brush?
The common types of foundation brushes are divided into flat-head foundation brush, round-head foundation brush and slant-head foundation brush. Unlike puffs and sponges, foundation brushes are more translucent and do not look heavy, because they do not absorb too much oil and foundation, so they can create a shiny base makeup.
1. Flat Head Foundation Brush
The flat shape with a rounded tip is suitable for light-textured foundation. Use the flat-ended foundation brush to apply a small amount of foundation from the middle of the face outward in a circular motion until the foundation is evenly applied. You can use the brush in an upright position around the nose and eyes for small details of makeup. For novices it may not be easy to grasp and brush marks may easily appear.

2. Round-head foundation brush
Choose a round-head foundation brush with tight, soft bristles, with a more versatile foundation, suitable for large areas on the foundation. It has a good ability to grip powder and does not eat a lot of powder, the way it is applied is also circled on the foundation, so it is easier to fit, and after the foundation is applied with the brush for pressure can also be more durable.

3. Angled head foundation brush
This kind of foundation brush is with a certain flat cutting surface, more convenient to deal with some details of the makeup, taking into account all angles. When the makeup should be dipped into the foundation for a small number of times for makeup, suitable with a strong liquidity of the foundation, can make the makeup more natural.

The best liquid foundation brush is usually made with synthetic bristles because foundation is mostly moisture and oil, so makeup brushes are required to resist moisture and oil, and also to be able to be washed many times. So synthetic bristles are better able to meet these needs.

It is worth noting that because the foundation brush is tighter and finer, it feels slightly harder to the touch, so don’t use it too hard to avoid skin sensitivity. And we should pay attention to the daily cleaning of the foundation brush, otherwise that will cause harm to the skin.