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Black matte liquid lipstick has become a must-try beauty trend this season. This look brightens up your complexion for a fairer look in winter. Try a bold black lip look, and if you get it, you’ll see how gorgeous you are.

Black lip makeup is a rare look among entertainment stars and many fashion bloggers. It is a very small makeup look, but there are still many people who appreciate it. Years have passed, but the influence of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries is lingering, and black lip colors are starting to trend on the red carpet. See Rihanna? With short hair, black smoky eye makeup, and black lips, she is too domineering, and her cool and handsome charm is irresistible.

You may be attracted by the KOLs on the internet. Pearlescent purple-black lipstick, bright and eye-catching, with a strong sense of implantation. It has to be matched with heavy makeup with thick eyebrows and thick eyeliner to control it. Shiny black lips exude sexy charm, and the sexy black lipstick is high-end, the kind that gets deeper and deeper the more you look.

Comb all the hair, leaving only the thick bangs on the eyebrows, highlighting the three-dimensional contour lines of the cheeks. Wearing a sexy camisole, she showed a beautiful neck and collarbone, and with black lipstick, she was full of coolness and a little sexy in her coldness.

How can a black matte liquid lipstick help you level up your style? Remove all shades from the face to accentuate the black lip makeup. Apply neutral eyeliner and eyeshadow, soften the eye makeup, and leave the center on the lip makeup. However, if understated is not your style and you prefer a smoky look, then go for soft, sequin-free shades of browns and greys, and use natural tones to outline the face.

How to wear black matte liquid lipstick?
This spring and summer, in addition to the regular candy-colored girly hearts, there is a dark wind on the rise. However, those black lipsticks that you think are very strange on the lips are actually not so “unsightly”, but make you instantly cool! In recent years, the makeup industry is no longer sticking to the rules. In addition to taking into account the needs of foundations of different skin tones, there are also multiple choices for lip colors.

When applying black lipstick, the first thing to do is to make a primer. When priming, start with a smoothing concealer or a professional lip primer. This type of liquid concealer covers the upper and lower lip lines. Then lightly apply a light layer of powder to the outer edge of the lips. This helps create a crisp lip line and prevents lipstick from migrating.

There is a huge difference between a dark matte lip gloss and a glossy wax or high gloss lipstick. Compared with glossy lipsticks, which are easy to fade and lip lines are easy to blur, matte lipsticks have the highest staying power and are easier to color. To get the deep lip color in place, add other products underneath.

It’s best to use a primer first, then the black base of your choice, and use a lip liner to completely outline the lips. Use a tissue and oil control powder to absorb excess lipstick to allow the color to adhere to lips, then apply lipstick: one by one, many times. This method can keep the color longer and is suitable for wearing makeup for a long time.

Make the rest of the makeup look very clean, after all, this is not Halloween makeup. Consider natural-toning the face, concealing under-eye concealers in a light shade, and creating soft-focus skin that only accentuates darker lip colors. Or you can add a thin eyeliner to emphasize the inner eyeliner, but never use dark eyeshadow. If you prefer Gothic, that’s another story. For eye makeup, you can also try smoky and darker, bolder looks.

In fact, black also has an effect, that is, it is superimposed on other colors to deepen and cool down. Not only can you use it every day, but you can also use it to make a big splash on Halloween. For example, clown costumes, scary ghost makeup, you can use black lipstick to set off the scary atmosphere!