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Are you looking for the best eyeshadow palette for everyday makeup? Girls or boys with big eyes are more likely to attract other opposite sexes. After all, a pair of piercing eyes is easy to win the favor of others. And if you use color and shadow makeup to make the whole makeup have a three-dimensional effect, it will make our eyes sparkle and play a finishing touch.

In the process of our beauty makeup, eye makeup may be more troublesome for us. Creating delicate eye makeup is very particular, and we must not relax in the selection of eye shadow color, eye shadow texture, and eye shadow quality. It is not easy to buy an eye shadow that is fine in powder, high in fit, waterproof and sweatproof, and not easy to take off! Let’s choose for you today.

Have you ever tried the best eyeshadow palette for everyday makeup?

Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 09 Cat is a new animal eyeshadow from Perfect Diary. Its products have always been relatively affordable, and the effect is not inferior to any big brands. Believe that many people have used this eye shadow and other animal series. The 12 colors in the eyeshadow palette are gorgeous, bold, and suitable for daily makeup, helping consumers create everyday and unusual makeup.

The moment you get the product, you will find that Perfect Diary really understands girls, and you will be amazed every time you open it! This 12-color eyeshadow palette has 6 mattes + 5 pearls + 1 sequin. You can get the eyeshadow and eyeliner highlights in one set.

With 12 different colors, daily eye makeup is completely enough, and people who are new to makeup don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl, the color matching of this plate is definitely very popular. Glitter DRIED FISH has a mashed potato texture that fits well without flying powder. It can embellish your eye makeup aura! All the colors are very pigmented, the matte color feels delicate and silky, and the highlighter color is low-key and not exaggerated.

The powder of this eye shadow is very fine, and the color is relatively uniform. It can be easily pushed out with the fingertips, and it is very convenient to use. The biggest feeling about using it is that the durability is very good. After applying eye makeup in the morning, the color is very positive in the afternoon, and there is no smudge. Before use, you can use loose powder as a base to make the eyelid area dry.

If you like a relatively simple makeup look, it is super easy to apply eye shadow with two colors. The light color blends the entire eyelid. The correct way to overlay the eye shadow is to apply the lightest color lightly to the eye area. Darker shades accentuate the smudging of the inner and outer corners of the eye. Then apply the medium color lightly and repeatedly to the end of the eye to make the eyes look particularly deep, and gradually increase the color from the end of the eye and the corner of the eye, so that it looks more three-dimensional and the makeup is very clean!

You can also try to use different colors to create your own style. The entire color scheme of this eyeshadow palette makes the eye makeup look cool and intellectual. You can use peach-colored TESTER to reveal a touch of liveliness and apply DRIED FISH fine glitter on the center of the eyelids. In the middle and bottom of the light brown EARS, the upper eye seems to have a layer of soft light filter, and the slightly polarized light is just right. 

The eye shadow drawn by this eye shadow can be matched with any color of lipstick. Whether it’s nude lipstick in natural color or a bright red, it can well reflect your beauty. If you want a more harmonious effect, you can refer to the effect of one heavy and one light. For example, the eye makeup is more prominent, and the lipstick is nude or bean paste.

Believe you can use this eyeshadow palette to create more looks than you ever know! You will never regret using Perfect Diary as the best eyeshadow palette for everyday makeup, and its price is also very reasonable and affordable for students.