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Would you guys have a question why use powder foundation? I believe most women know that the foundation part of makeup is very important, and foundation is one of the cosmetics used when applying foundation. Many people only know that foundation can modify the skin tone, but they do not know that powder foundation has other functions. In order to use a good powder foundation in the future, why not come together to find out what powder foundation is, how to use it and what are the skills to purchase it!

The main role of powder foundation is to modify the skin tone, its texture is light to apply, but also very little greasy feeling, this is a very popular foundation cosmetics, and suitable for most of the skin, especially oily skin.

Today, the modern concept of powder foundation is to combine beauty and skin care into multifunctional products, such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, non-irritating to the eyes, high SPF, and other additional benefits that advertisements may claim to mention. Since some powder foundations use ingredients that facilitate skin care, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and plant extracts, the products also have some moisturizing and skin care effects.


Foundation is used to form a smooth covering layer on the surface of the skin to cover or conceal some facial imperfections such as freckles, acne and scars. It adjusts the texture, color and shine of the skin and acts to even out the skin tone, making it look naturally flattering and also having a smooth feel.

The first one is used to refine and even out skin tone. I believe this role is known to every woman, powder foundation can even out the original uneven skin tone, finishing the skin to make the skin look clear and white. We recommend picking a foundation color based on your skin tone and skin type.

The second role is to isolate the sunscreen. The general powder foundation will also have the role of isolation sunscreen, which can help isolate dust and dirt in the air, reduce external damage to the skin, and also play a role in sun protection. The main role of foundation is not to isolate the sun, so it is recommended to use special isolation products and sunscreen products when going out.

The third is to inhibit oil secretion. If your skin type belongs to oily skin or oily skin, then you can choose a refreshing powder foundation. A light foundation usually contains oil-absorbing powder or oil-control factor that can help you suppress facial oil and make your skin fresh and shine-free.

The last one is for anti-aging. We all use various electronic products every day, and the radiation brought to us by electronic products can make the skin dry and dehydrated as well as accelerate the aging process. The foundation is rich in antioxidant factors and nutritional nourishing ingredients that can play a role in preventing premature aging of the skin, which is that why use powder foundation.


Foundation is used after daily skin care and is the first step of makeup. The first thing we need to do is to choose a powder foundation that is similar to your skin tone, then pay attention to the right amount, then take a small amount and apply it evenly on your cheeks, nose, forehead, jaw and other parts of your face, using your fingers, sponge or special foundation brush, with the application or patting technique, so that you get an even and natural makeup.


If you want to create the ideal look to use three different powder foundations, namely light, intermediate and dark. Start by using the middle color as the base color for your entire face, which is the first step in applying makeup, and take care to choose a middle color that is as close to your face color as possible. Next, use a dark foundation to finish the cheeks and nose, paying attention to the transition to create a three-dimensional sense of the face. Highlighting with a lighter color is the final step, dotting the forehead, nose and chin with a lighter foundation.

Requirements of a good powder foundation:

1. The coverage of the powder foundation should be strong enough to cover the skin’s original color after application, while leaving the skin the color of a foundation cream.

2. The absorption should be very good, can absorb the skin secretion discharge of sebum, sweat, so that the makeup lasting.

3. Good adhesion is also very important, people can apply foundation to the skin, the effect is natural, not easy to take off makeup.

4. The best texture of the powder foundation is fresh, easy to apply. In addition, there should be good moisturizing performance and emollient effect, low heavy metal content, to ensure the use of the effect and safety.

You didn’t realize that there was so much knowledge and skills involved in foundation, right? Don’t worry, after understanding the above, I believe you can fully understand why use powder foundation, how to use it, how to pick it and all kinds of practical tips! Please remember to apply it in real life to help you create a perfect makeup look!