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The best contour blush and highlight palette should never be absent from your magic cosmetic box. If you want to chisel your jaws or obtain a high yet slim nose through makeup, ask 100 people what you can do about it. 99 of them will tell you to get a practical compact that contains blush and highlighter, and the remaining person doesn’t know anything about makeup.

No matter whether it’s face contour or nose contour, it’s all about light and shadow. To make light and shadow on faces simply means applying dark shades and light shades to contrast smartly. So you just need a highlighter and bronzer to do the art.

There are various types of highlighters and bronzers. They come in the form of a thick pen, or a stick but mostly in a palette. A bronzer and highlight pen have an obvious disadvantage in that it carries at most two colors, with one end as a highlighter and the other end as a bronzer. Compared with this, a palette can include gradient colors so that you can choose according to your complexion.

Besides various shades that you can choose for your face, a contour palette provides more pigments than a contour pen as a pen is more condensed and solid. The pigmented product helps cover your face in better ways.

To add more flavor to your contour trip, blush can join your contour palette. Blush is some sweet to put on your face, enhancing the dimensions of your face. Based on a well-designed light and shadow balance, this pinkish color polishes your creamy cheeks.

Your best contour blush and highlight palette should contain the shades that fit your undertone. For example, if your complexion is of warm color, you probably want to choose cooler shades of bronzer and beige highlighter. Otherwise, the warm color will just eat the comparison you seek. The basic rule for picking the right shade of your bronzer is to seek for balanced color on your face. Especially, when you have to wear those makeup for the whole day, the changes should be considered too.

However, your choice of blush should be the opposite of your complexion. Blush is usually designed to be pinkish or orange. There is no doubt that a person with a warm undertone should welcome the warm color of blush and cold-toned people tend to choose blush of weak other. In this way, both groups can enjoy the harmony of the color blend.

If you find your best contour blush and highlight palette, you have to know when and how to use it. Generally speaking, all the things in the palette should be applied after the foundation. Because blush and highlight are like a raincoat for your face. Imagine that you spend ten minutes sculpting your cheekbones and jaws, then you put on the foundation which is used to cover blemishes on your face. When blemishes are covered, your contour is covered too.

After foundation, your face skin becomes even which enables your easy contour. Start your contour by brushing the bronzer and highlighter to different areas on your face. Bronzer should be applied near hairlines, on the nose wings, and under your cheeks. Highlighter should come onto the middle of your forehead, on the triangle circled by two ends of your eyes and the corner of your nose, in the middle line of your nose, and on your chin.

What’s more important about contour is how you will blend the bronzer and highlighter. A mess can be made easier if you are not careful enough, causing dirty makeup which you never want to see. Remember to use two brushes or two sponges separately for the bronzer and the highlighter. This will effectively save you from the trouble of making a messy contour. Blend little by little toward the boundaries of the two shades till the two colors are inserted into each other.

After contour, blush should pop in now. Try to use less for one time in case it goes unnatural. Blush should be put only on your cheeks and blended toward your temples. There you go. The gorgeous contour you create with the best contour blush and highlight palette easily makes a solid base for the coming steps of your makeup!