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Have you ever tried some eye safe liquid lipsticks? I think some of us may already be using lipsticks as eyeshadow sometimes. When using lipstick as eyeshadow, you can choose according to the color of the eyeshadow, and the overall tone matches your makeup to look good.

Among the lipsticks that can be used as eyeshadow, lip balm and lip glaze are more suitable. Relatively speaking, lip balm is better to push, and lip glaze is sticky and difficult to spread evenly. Lip glaze is not suitable for beginners, but lipstick is easy to use. Lipsticks and lip glazes can be divided into two types: matte and moisturizing.

The matte texture of the lipstick will be relatively dry. When using it as an eyeshadow, be careful not to apply too much at one time, and evenly spread it little by little. When using lip glaze, the amount is not easy to control, under normal circumstances, one drop is enough.

Some people may think, in fact, that if you want to paint red eye makeup, you don’t have to use eyeshadow. The effect of applying eyeshadow with lipstick is also great! Yes, if you have a small budget, you don’t want to buy a new palette shadow for a single festival. You may try it once in a while.

When doing makeup on the backstage, sometimes the eyeshadow of the same color went missing, and the makeup artist will use lipstick instead, which can be matched and can be regarded as an emergency. If you want to use lipstick to draw a better eyeshadow, you must first set the eye makeup, which can effectively prevent the color of the lipstick from caking and the greasy lipstick will make the eyes too oily.

Also, some people will use lipstick as a blush. Apply the lipstick to the protruding part below the base of the thumb, rub it a little, warm the lipstick with the temperature of the palm, and then press the cheekbone as the center, press it on the skin, and blur it out on both sides, so that the outward appearance will make the face appear more beautiful more contoured.

Can you use eye safe liquid lipsticks as eyeshadow?
For years ago, there has been a saying in the makeup circle, claiming that various “money-saving” tricks are like lipstick used as blush and eyeshadow. But if you’re not lacking in makeup, it’s actually not recommended for you. Yes, there are eye safe liquid lipsticks on the market, but the skin around the eyes is relatively delicate and fragile, it is also prone to sensitivity.

Lipstick not only has the effect of makeup on the lip skin but also has a good nourishing function. But also because it is rich in fat. Using lipstick instead of eyeshadow will generate fat particles and clog skin pores. Each type of make-up product plays a cosmetic role for different parts, but sometimes they can be substituted for each other.

When there is no eyeshadow, you can use lipstick instead of eyeshadow. But the most important thing about lipstick is to act on the skin of the lips. It is thicker and greasy than the eyeshadow particles. Long-term replacement of eyeshadow will cause problems in the eye skin.

It is recommended that you do not use it because the lipstick contains lanolin and other ingredients. Although it is said that it is easy to apply makeup, it is not easy to remove makeup at night. If you do not remove makeup properly, it is easy to cause fine lines on the eye area, which is a bit of a loss.

Moreover, the lipstick does not last for a long time on the eye skin, and after a period of time, the lipstick on the eyelids will be found to be discolored in sections. So if you have the right eyeshadow on hand, you should still use eyeshadow to make up your eyes.

Although we’ve taught you some emergency makeup tips above, it’s not recommended for you to use them every day. Every cosmetic has its significance and professional role in its development. For the health and hygiene of the skin, it is better not to mix products.