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How to make makeup stay on all night might be a tricky question for some people. In daily life, many girls will have essential occasions to attend, whether a party, a festival, or a date. In these cases, wearing makeup for a long time is necessary, and touch-ups may be a little inconvenient. Under such conditions, long-lasting makeup is fundamental. It is recommended that every girl should learn some long-wear makeup tips just in case.

Makeup separation is a common problem for all skin types. Your makeup may fade or get creasing through your daily courses. Learning some long-wear makeup tips is essential and avoid constant touch-ups.

Key elements on how to make makeup stay on all night

  • Setting powder

Setting powders are primarily used to adjust skin tone and prevent oily skin from being overly smooth or sticky. It shows a matte but clear complexion, enhances makeup durability, produces a soft, fluffy skin feel, and some loose powders provide some sun protection.

  • Setting spray

Makeup setting spray can prolong the makeup’s durability. It plays a role in moisturizing and oil control and relieves skin dryness and powdery texture. It also replenishes skin moisture, makes makeup more compliant, and reduces dry lines.

  • Avoid layering on too many products

Be sure to avoid using too many products in the makeup process, and every step should be natural and light. This is an important factor to prevent the makeup from caking, sticking, or creasing.

Makeup tutorial on long-lasting makeup

Step1: Prep your skin

Use a moisturizing spray or toner after cleansing and massage until absorbed. Then use a refreshing lotion for oily skin and a refreshing moisturizing cream for dry skin. The principle of long-lasting makeup is to use less product, so these two steps are sufficient for prepping up your skin. Then apply sunscreen or primer to your skin.

Step2: Prep your beauty blender

Soak the beauty egg entirely with water and squeeze the beauty egg so that no water drips out. Most people use oil-controlling foundations for oily skin, which have a dry texture. So, it would be best to squeeze lightly to moisten the beauty blender. But if you have dry skin, too much moisture in the beauty blender will make the foundation thinner. Therefore, you must squeeze out the water in the beauty blender or even make the blender drier with the help of a paper towel.

Step3: Setting spray on the beauty blender

Spray some setting spray on the beauty blender, but not too much. A very effective film-forming agent in setting spray can quickly form a film of the foundation while maintaining the moisturizing effect. However, the makeup setting spray is also divided into two types: dry skin and oily skin. It would help if you chose according to your skin type.

Step4: Apply foundation

One thing to note in this step is that no matter what foundation you use, take a small amount to create a light and natural makeup effect. Use concealer for acne and pimple marks instead of applying foundation twice. Too much will only make the makeup heavier. The way to use the beauty blender is to push while pressing, the movement range should be small with a slightly larger force, and you must make it quick. This is a key step on how to make makeup stay on all night.

Step5: Apply concealer

When using concealer, you also need to take a small amount. The texture of the concealer is heavier than the foundation. Take a little bit with your brush every time you use it and apply it to the spot. Afterward, use the warmth of your fingers to release the concealer, and then use the beauty blender to blend the edges lightly.

Step6: Apply setting powder

This step is not necessary, and girls with dry skin can ignore this step. Girls with oily skin must use setting powder because of its oil-absorbing and oil-controlling effect. You can apply setting powder with a brush, and the advantage of it is that it is light and natural, and the makeup does not feel powdery. You can use a beauty blender If you prefer a more oil-controlling effect. So choose according to your needs.

Step7: Apply setting spray

Although setting spray has been used once before, this time, it’s going to make the makeup more natural. It will make the powder less noticeable and make the makeup look attached and light.