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What is yellow concealer for? The concealer has better coverage than the ordinary foundation. The color of concealer is usually skin color, but in fact, it has many colors, and different colors have different uses. When buying concealer, how should you choose the color? What does concealer do? Take the more popular six-color concealer as an example to illustrate their role.

Yellow, also known as lemon color, is suitable for dealing with dull skin around the eyes, and can also play a brightening role while concealing. If you have a yellow complexion, yellow concealer can also be used daily to cover large pores. The yellow concealer is close to the skin color, the color of the liquid foundation, and some simple and easy-to-cover small flaws can be selected in yellow, which is more every day.

For example, maybe you suffer from dark circles and bags under your eyes. Bags under the eyes will seriously affect the complexion and make people look bad. Using concealer can cover the bags under the eyes very well. The specific usage is to first use a dark concealer on the raised part of the eye bag, then apply a light-colored concealer to the sunken part of the face, then apply it evenly with a brush, and finally set the makeup with loose powder.

Take a yellow concealer that is a little brighter than the skin, apply it to the dark circles, gently pat it with your fingers or a brush, spread it evenly, and then set the makeup with loose powder or setting powder, which can make the skin matte and cover. Get rid of dark circles.

Orange, is suitable for covering eye bags and dark circles. Although most concealers used to cover dark circles are skin tones, when the color of dark circles and tear troughs is cyan or heavier purple, orange concealer is needed to cover and modify the dark circles and tear troughs under the eyes.

Purple concealer is suitable for yellowish skin, and purple can play a role in brightening the complexion. If the complexion is dark yellow, or with some small spots, it is recommended to use purple. For example, older women are very suitable.

Green: Green concealer is suitable for covering redness, acne marks, and acne that is still in the red stage. Green concealer is suitable for some red acne marks or red blood on our face because it complements red and can neutralize each other, so it is more suitable for some small red blemishes on our face. It acts as a neutralizer. And pink can add color and touch up gray bags under the eyes of lighter skin tones.

Pink can be blended with other colors, and it can also be applied directly to the face. It also plays a role in even skin tone and brightening. This is helpful for those with darker skin tones.

If it is brown, it is more suitable for contouring, which can enhance the contour of our face, and is not suitable for large-scale use.

What is yellow concealer for and how to use it?

I just said that yellow could conceal eye blemishes. What is yellow concealer for when it goes to acne covering? Ordinary acne can be directly covered with a yellow-tone concealer, and the color of the concealer can be used to improve the color and bulge of the acne, but if the acne is purulent, you cannot rely on the concealer to solve the problem.

The specific method is to first apply the pink concealer to the bulge of the acne, then apply the yellow concealer around the acne, apply it evenly and press it gently, and finally press the loose powder or powder to set the makeup.

The yellow concealer comes in many colors, such as light yellow, dark yellow, dark yellow, etc. Each color has a different range of applications and can be used on normal skin. Which yellow to use depends on the color of your skin, foundation, and makeup. There are two types of concealer products on the market: liquid concealer and Concealer Pen. Concealer is better when used together with the two products.

Concealer is also a type of make-up that is harmful to the skin. Mainly if you use concealer for a long time because it contains some heavy metal ingredients if the quality is unqualified, the heavy metal ingredients exceed the standard, and the makeup removal is not thorough, which will cause more damage to the skin. Therefore, you must choose a makeup brand with safe and trustworthy ingredients!