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Do you love ultra glossy lip gloss? Whether the lip gloss looks good or not depends mainly on the effect of applying it on the mouth. In addition to choosing the right color, you must also choose the texture of the lip glaze.

The matte lip glaze and mirror lip glaze that are common on the market are more moisturizing than lipsticks, and they do not show lip lines when applied, which is very popular among people with dry lips. Today, we would like to introduce to you some easy-to-use lip glosses.

How to find ultra glossy lip gloss?

What should you do if the lips are thin and have no sense of presence? As long as you choose the right lip makeup, you can get painless pouty lips at your fingertips! Lipstick can be easily applied. In addition to the product itself, the method of use is also very important!

Let us share with you how to apply lip glaze: first, apply the lip balm to the lips and let it absorb for five minutes, then take out the lip glaze brush and apply the lip glaze brush from the inner lip to the outer lip, then put the brush back into the tube to dip in the balm Body, take out and apply the upper lip in the same way, use the tip of the brush to control the range, and use the smudge method to apply the shape of the lips.

Perfect Diary is famous for its simple and easy-to-use make-up products. Because it fully shows the beauty and personality of young women, it has always been at the forefront of fashion. Its long-lasting lipstick has a velvety color and a creamy smooth feel that lasts all day on the lips.

Floating Light Lip Gloss (CRUSH Collection) is an ultra glossy lip gloss sold by Perfect Diary. Its texture is a soft waxy texture with a very high degree of adhesion. It will not be watery and sticky like ordinary fluid lip gloss. After INTO YOU Water Refractive Lip Glaze is applied to the lips, the lips feel very light, and the paste can closely adhere to the skin of the lips without delamination, lines, or clumping.

This product can help you create sexy and seductive lips. Lightweight and non-sticky, it creates natural and bright lip makeup. After a swipe, the color is very uniform, and the film formation speed is very fast after application, which can present a watery and crystal-clear makeup effect, creating a light and sexy look.

This lip glaze is as tender as jelly when it is first applied, and the upper lip forms a film quickly. It fits the lips very well and does not float on them. The overall color rendering and saturation are also very good, which can cover your lips. color for the perfect glass lip. The durability is also quite high, but the color will fade when eating.

In addition to Color: 115 You make me melt bean paste color and retro red, red-orange Color: 118 I’m flipped, and other colors are suitable for daily makeup of office workers, moisturizing lips, and filling lip fine lines.

Weightless Velvet Lip Stain is also a hot-selling series. The color of this lipstick Color: 003 Don’t Judge Me is a perfect red series. The texture is light and moist. The matte texture of the lip glaze is very good and the color is full. It evenly moisturizes the lip skin, and the lip makeup is more compact and delicate. The paste is smooth and shiny, feels smooth and not rough, and is not easy to fade.

The color looks a little bit intellectual and gentle. Exquisite makeup must be matched with a more refined lipstick system, which can have the effect of icing on the cake. If you think its color is a little darker, it is recommended Can be layered, layering is a good makeup technique, and it will look more natural.

This lipstick number can be said to be full of aura, and you will be the queen if you put it on. It is more suitable for young ladies with heavy makeup, isn’t there a trace of femininity in the noble and glamorous? If you like this one, you must try it, maybe there will be surprises.