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Are you looking for a cheap glitter eyeshadow palette? Eye makeup is the most beautiful part of the whole makeup look. If you want to make good eye makeup, you must not miss eyeshadow. The eyeshadow can help you create charming, attractive, fierce looks.

The texture, color, and quality of eye shadow will affect the effect of the entire makeup look. Therefore, if you want to create delicate eye makeup, then the choice of eye shadow must not be ignored. However, it is a waste of money to buy a bunch of cosmetics whenever we are learning makeup. Thus today, we will introduce some cheap but high-quality eyeshadow for you.

Check this cheap glitter eyeshadow palette
Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette is the most popular eyeshadow palette in Perfect Diary, which includes daily colors such as dry rose and earth tones. You can easily create different styles of makeup effects. You can use almost every color in one box, and it’s gorgeous whether it’s a single coat or a stack.

First of all, from the outside, it is a simple and compact nine-color eyeshadow palette, which is easy to carry. The pink packaging is full of girlish hearts, and the transparent acrylic cover is transparent and atmospheric, which can intuitively show the color matching of the eyeshadow palette.

The eyeshadow palette contains three textures: matte, micro-pearl, and dazzling pearl, which are delicate and docile and have a soft and beautiful color. The matte texture is very smooth and easy to smudge. For the pearlescent part, it is recommended that you apply it with your fingers, it will be more “firm” on the eyelids.

In the classic nine-square grid collocation, the nine colors include the overlapping texture of the smooth diamond surface and the velvety texture, all matte colors and pearlescent colors are available, and there are many color matching options to choose from. You can draw perfect eye makeup with just one eyeshadow. , the sense of hierarchy is distinct.

From the color point of view, 9 kinds of the same color are completely harmonious, and it is easy to get started without picking people. The color rendering is good, and the powder is relatively fine. Even the matte powder inside will not be dry and slag, and it is more docile on the eyes. For example, Color: 01 Violet Temptations, as it is called, is a warm and seductive eyeshadow, just like the warm color that the autumn sun hits on the body.

If you need to start with a cheap but soft and watery bean paste eyeshadow, you can’t go wrong with it! But what is different is that it also has a glitter eye shadow that is beautiful like a galaxy. The water-permeable and bright micro-shimmer is not too exaggerated.

All color eye shadows from this cheap glitter eyeshadow palette are made of natural mineral raw materials, the powdery texture is smooth to the touch, and the texture is delicate, moisturizing, and sticks to the eye skin. When applying, you will find the color is full, easy to color, easy to smudge, and the upper eye emits a luxurious glow. Just applying it with the included makeup brush will give you the feeling of scheming fake makeup. If you want the color to be more obvious, then you can rest assured and boldly superimpose it.

If you like a more stable color system, you can also consider Color: 03 Not My Day under the same eyeshadow palette. Because of the addition of two matte colors, the eye makeup it draws will be more low-key, giving people a stable and gentle feeling.

The color of this eyeshadow is conservative, but it can be used in many ways. If you usually wear less makeup, this is really a good choice! The brightening color DAYDREAM in the upper left corner can be used as a highlighter. Also, the color on the far right of the third row is the deepest black, which can be used as an eyeliner but with a gentler effect.

The above is what we highly recommend when discussing glitter eyeshadow palettes. If you’re looking for a warm and versatile palette for your everyday look, try these two shades above to add radiance to your lids.