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Using makeup to cover pigmentation? In the process of makeup, covering dark circles and bags under the eyes should be the most troublesome step for us, especially for newbies, dark circles and bags under the eyes always give people a sense of fatigue.

And some girls do not have this problem but caused by natural or acquired sun exposure, hormones, and other problems, they have pigmentation. Some are just small spots, and some are more affecting their life, what should they do? Today’s “PS-level concealer” tutorial will teach you how to handle them cleanly.

To lighten pigmentation, sunscreen is the key. Many people think that I have put on sunscreen, why it still doesn’t turn white. In fact, your sunscreen method is probably not standardized, and it is not enough. Yes, and for dull-pigmented skin, I don’t think it’s enough to simply apply sunscreen. Instead, you should choose umbrellas, sun hats, etc. with a UPF40 or higher.

Pigmentation affects the appearance very much, so you can choose liquid foundation and concealer products that are suitable for your skin tone and skin type to cover the concealer, but you should be careful not to cover it completely, otherwise, it will be too fake, and the concealer products you need are often greasier, it takes more trouble to remove makeup, which may aggravate facial acne.

How to apply makeup to cover pigmentation?
Flaws on the face really affect our appearance. The concealer has strong concealing power, but the texture is thick, dry, and has strong adhesion. Concealer is still more suitable for covering small blemishes that are more obvious such as acne. Concealer is usually light, moisturizing, and has strong ductility, but its concealing power is relatively weak. It can be stacked and used on a large area, or as a facial brightening tool. It is generally used as a concealer for dark spots such as acne marks, dark spots, and dark circles.

If you have a lot of blemishes on your face, you need to use concealer first and then foundation. Especially in the case of pigmentation problems such as dark circles or uneven skin tone, before applying foundation, you can correct the skin color first, so that the makeup will look better. Different blemishes also need to use different methods, so as to achieve the best concealer effect. Red and green complement each other, so reddish skin needs to use a green concealer so that the skin can be adjusted to normal skin tone.

If your own pigmentation is not serious, you can use liquid foundation to cover a large area first, and then use concealer for spot application. Freckles are a result of pigmentation. To deal with freckles, only liquid foundation, and concealer with a high degree of concealment can completely cover up freckles.

If the freckles are small or granular, you can choose the liquid foundation that suits your skin type. Otherwise, you need to use the liquid foundation first and then the concealer. In addition, you need to pay attention to the amount you use. If you have small freckles on the surface of dry skin, you can use a highly moisturizing liquid foundation. Even if the concealer is not high, you can use a concealer for a small range of concealers afterward. The moisturizing degree of the whole makeup is guaranteed and not a fake noodle.

Acne and spots are also very common facial blemishes. But their area is relatively small, so you need a careful concealer method, especially for raised acne, and you need to be patient with concealer. Then use the concealer brush to carefully blend the edges of the concealer or liquid concealer on the pimple. The pimples that are covered in this way have basically achieved the invisible effect.

Using makeup to cover pigmentation cannot help you fix your root problem but can give you confidence and strength. If it is really serious skin pigmentation, and the skin is prone to allergies, you must see a doctor and seek treatment to effectively solve your problem fundamentally. If you need to stop wearing makeup, you must listen to the doctor’s advice, solve the skin problem first, and then apply makeup. Don’t rush to use drugs or ointments indiscriminately!