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During your online browsing sessions, the keywords “the balm cosmetics lip gloss” might have popped up. If you are thinking why it did, then the answer is that a lot of people nowadays are more inclined towards lip balms along with lip glosses for their lip makeup look. If you are one of them, then this blog post is for you. To get the best results from both lip balms and lip glosses, we recommend going through the basics, our pro tricks, and recommendations to make a wise investment. 

Lip Gloss: Unless you are not a true beginner in the makeup universe, there is a high chance that you already have used them. As the name suggests, they are supposed to give a glossier look to your lips and come in different formulae which can either give you only a shiny luster, a tinted color, or both. They are incredibly popular with all ages of women but are more adopted by the younger lads. The 

Lip Balms: As the name suggests, they are made in a thicker consistency matching the ordinary balms, we are pretty sure that you already used them in different forms. They are made in this way due to their ingredients like wax, jelly, oil, or petroleum. Lip Balm is also made to give your lips a nice and subtle luster and or tinted shades. If you are thinking that what is the difference between lip gloss and lip balms? actually, there is a huge difference and it affects your lip health.

Lip glosses are great to give you a shiny texture to your lips but they don’t add any health benefits. Most brands don’t add hydrating agents to their formula or other healing benefits. This is where the fundamental difference lies, the lip balms are enriched with hydrating agents, and their sticky texture bonds well with your lips. 

Pro tips for Balms and Gloss:

This is where things get real as we go deep in the search trend the balm cosmetics lip gloss and give you all the pro tips we can give you for it:

1. Planning to have a date night and kissing is on the menu too? then don’t forget to use your lip balm as it will hydrate your lips and also make them supple for the best kissing experience. (Thanks us later)

2. Always look for an ingredient called lanolin in the lip balm you are going to get. This magical ingredient is great to hydrate your lips and can take more than four hundred percent moisture in them. 

3. If you don’t want to use lip gloss or lipsticks, tinted lip balms are a great alternative. They not only give your lips a color profile but also give them much-needed hydration they need. 

5. Also go with a natural ingredient lip balm which will keep your lips in a healthy state all day long.

6. Lip glosses are great but they should never be considered an all-day long lip cosmetic as they will not provide them a proper moisturizing effect. 

7. Try to find active ingredients in your lip balms like moisturizing emollients, glycerin, hydrating butter, castor seed oil, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, Organic sunflower seed, coconut, castor wax, and antioxidants that are soothing on your lips. 

8. A lip balm that has a nice SPF range is always great to have. It will protect lips from broad-spectrum UV rays which most of us always forget to consider buying makeup products for our lips. 

9. Petroleum jelly if applied externally or in your lip balm with locks the moisture for longer periods. 

Our Recommendations: Lip Gloss and Lip Balms are available in different consistencies. texture, shades, and from zillions of brands. This can make the shopper overwhelmed and choose a product that may not give the results they were looking for. We recommend using the Floating Light Lip Gloss released as a Crush Collection from the brand. Packing tons of hydrating agents in it, this lip gloss challenges the lip balms as it matches almost the same way balms work. Available in four different shades, this lip gloss always melts our hearts thanks to its meltable, buildable, and nonsticky formula. This was our take on the tending query of “the balm cosmetics lip gloss” and we hope now you can make a better decision when buying them