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How to clean eyelash curler? Cleaning the eyelash curler correctly is vital to protect our eyes. Do you have a good understanding of eyelash curlers? Do you know how to use it correctly? There are several things you need to know before using the tool. Today, we will give a complete introduction to the makeup tool.

The function of an eyelash curler

The eyelash curler, as the name suggests, is to curl your eyelashes so that they can look longer and get ready to be applied with mascara. Curling your eyelashes can make your eye makeup look more exquisite and delicate. Curling eyelashes is a necessary step in applying eye makeup.

Different types of eyelash curlers

Searching on the internet, you can find many products. Beginners may be confused about which type of eyelash curler is the best for them. The most common type is the metal mechanical curler and the plastic mechanical curler. The former one is heavier and generates better curling effects.

Some curlers can curl your eyelash precisely. This type of curler looks like a pair of scissors, used to curl the sections of the eyelash so that you can control the curling shape better and be more accurate. Another trendy product is the heated curler which should be electrified to produce heat. Through heating, the curling eyelashes can last for a longer time and be presented in better shape. However, for new users, it is hard and more dangerous to use.

How to use the eyelash curler?

After understanding the differences between different sorts of curlers, you need to know how to use it correctly otherwise you will just waste time. Take the metal mechanical curler as an example, put the lashes through the hole and press the button. Remember to curl the lash upward. You may feel a bit scared since the tool is so close to your eyes. But don’t worry, the design of these products will not hurt our eyes.

How to clean eyelash curler

Just like any makeup tool, to protect your skin and eyes, you need to clean the tools regularly and with the right methods, particularly those near your eyes. To clean the curler, you need to prepare the following tools.

The cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Disinfecting the eyelash curler is very important or the bacterium may infect your eyes. Drop the rubbing alcohol into the cotton ball and wipe every corner of the tool, especially the pad which touches your lash directly. If the ball gets dirty, you can use another ball to clean the tool for the second time.

Rinsing the curler with lukewarm water. Make sure that the alcohol is washed away thoroughly. Remember to wash every metal joint. Get a clean towel to wipe the curler dry. Then, use a hairdryer to dry the tool thoroughly to prevent rusting. You can clean the tool every two weeks. Following the steps we have mentioned above, the cleaning is done.

Besides, you need to change the curler pad regularly because it is easy to wear and tear. To make sure the curling effects, changing the pad regularly is necessary. This is how to clean eyelash curler.

Even if we can use these tools to make our eyelashes look long and rich. We still want them to grow naturally, so we will introduce several ways to strengthen your eyelashes. Green tea, Vitamin E, and Petroleum Jelly are said to effectively enrich your eyelashes. Apply them to your eyelashes daily and your eyelashes can get thicker.

Apart from using these tips, removing the eye makeup on time is good for protecting the eyelashes. You need to use the right product to clean the eyeshadow and mascara so that the harm to eyelashes can be minimized.

To sum up

Many females have to wear makeup when hanging out or going to work. However, wearing makeup will more or less harm our skin. It is necessary to know what products can minimize the harm and how to protect our skin correctly. We have introduced how to clean eyelash curler in the article. If you have more questions on how to remove makeup, you can visit our official website to get more advice and good products.