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How to make eye shadow look like a professional remains one of the most common questions regarding eye makeup. If you are also one of them, this article is everything you will ever need to read. 

Eye makeup has infinite possibilities and can be overwhelming for newcomers in the cosmetic world. There is so much variety in almost everything related to eye makeup, like the eyeshadow brushed, various colors and different textures of products, and more. This is too much to master. 

But there is no need to master everything. For beginners, the most important thing is first to understand the basics and then move on to the more pro-level looks one can have from the simple steps we will curate here. 

The Magical Eye Shadows

Eyeshadows are the most loved and everyday cosmetics almost everyone uses in their makeup routines. Their magical powers are not just limited to giving shade to your under eyes but can also make your eyes look bigger and brighten the skin near them. 

The Goodness of Eye Shadows

1. It Can make your eyes look bigger.

2. They give you a more youthful look with style.

3. It adds more vibrance to the makeup and compliments your eyes.

4. Can brighten the skin

How to Make Eye Shadow: Apply Eyeshadow like a Makeup Shifu

There are so many looks for eyeshadows and many makeup brushes with which you can get these looks. If you are beginning with eyeshadows, try to get a classic natural eyeshadow look with not too much effort. If you are going to a party or night gathering, a more dramatic smokey eye version is needed. If you want to learn how to make eye shadow and get better results too, we recommend using Explorer Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary for this tutorial. We love it thanks to its excellent quality and affordable price. Without further ado, let’s start with a natural look first: 

1. Prime your eyes: You know the drill. For any eye makeup, the skin under your eyes demands eye primers, giving them a smooth canvas for the makeup to come and making them stay longer. Use your ring finger to give a nice coat of primer and sweep across the entire eyelids.

2. Make the Base:  For the most straightforward eyeshadow looks, a natural feel requires two shades of eyeshadows, one neutral and another two shades darker than your skin. Here is the thumb rule neutral always comes first no matter how many shades you use, but to give a natural feel, neutral should go as the first base. Use a sponge applicator, sponge-brush applicator, or a separate eyeshadow brush to pick some of your base shade; tap a little to remove excess, and apply all over the eyelid with back-and-forth motions. Keep the motion from the eyelashes to the end of the eye and eyebrows. Make sure that the shade is concentrated at the last line.

Pro Tip: Individuals with very fair skin can use a base color slightly darker than their skin tone for popping out. The same goes for darker skin tones, where you can go for one shade lighter for the base shade.

3. Defining the Crease:  Use a large shadow brush to apply your darker eyeshadow shade. (Tap off the excess from the brush, and don’t take too much on the first application). They are applied in two steps; First shade is applied with the large shadow brush by sweeping it across the brow bone and eyelids, i.e., the crease, with a soft back and forth motions. This is applied at the corner of your eyelids, not for the entire eyelid. Otherwise, they will look smaller. 

4. Mascara: Apply your favorite mascara to bring more volume to your eyelashes, as eyeshadows can cling to them and can make them look lighter. Looking for a reliable mascara at a price point that is hard to believe? Try the all-new High Definition Long Lasting Multi-Function Mascara to get the best results. 

This is the simplest eyeshadow one can get for a natural look. There are tons of other ways to get more looks for eyeshadows, but we suggest first mastering the basics and only going for a heavier makeup routine for your eyes if you already have enough practice with them.