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Can you use face primer on eyes? What is the effect of eye primer? Does everyone have to make a primer on the eye area to draw eyeshadow? Today, let me tell you about it.

In fact, the effect of applying eyeshadow after the primer is to make our eyeshadow last longer, rather than smudge makeup quickly. After you put on makeup, because your skin secretes too much oil, these oils will smudge our painted eyeshadows. As a result, our originally beautiful and unique eyeshadow instantly turned into a bunch of stains, which were very ugly.

So, does everyone need a primer on the eyes? Actually no, we do eye primers to prevent eyeshadow from smudging makeup. If your skin is dry or neutral, that is, if there is not much oil, then your eyeshadow is actually not easy to be dizzy. Then you don’t need to make a primer on the eye area at this time, you can just apply eyeshadow directly. Because even this way your eyeshadow can last longer. 

But if you want your eyes to stay on longer, you can also choose to use a primer. So how do we prime our eyes? Can you use face primer on eyes? In fact, no matter who it is, as long as the makeup work is carried out, we should give the skin a primer. As mentioned above, the main function of the primer is to cover up the original complexion of the skin, so that it can be applied well. 

Primer on the eye area can not only make eye makeup very good but also make you look more complex. This means that you can also prime your eyes without makeup. There are actually many products for primers, but the products used for primers on the eyes and face are different. 

Can you use face primer on eyes and why?

There are many things that need to be paid attention to when priming the eye area. In short, the primer products used for the eyes are different from the primer products used for the face skin, so we need to use special eye primer products. Generally speaking, we can choose those relatively mild eye primers or eye primers. Be sure to apply it lightly and do not rub the skin. 

The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile, so neither lotions nor essences can be used on the eyes, especially whitening products! You should choose a special eye cream or eye essence for protection.

The skin of the eyes and lips is very weak, and it is best to choose a special eye makeup primer if you want not to hurt your skin. Eye makeup is dazzling, if used improperly, it can also cause eye diseases. 

Some powder and ointment eye cosmetics are easy to fall into the eyes. Correct use of cosmetics can not only make the eyes beautiful but also avoid the occurrence of the above eye diseases. First of all, be sure to buy regular and standard cosmetics. Secondly, wash your hands before applying makeup to prevent pollution caused by your hands. Again, cosmetics should be dedicated to preventing cross-infection.

If we don’t want to apply primers by hand, then we can use a makeup blender to apply these primers, but it should be noted that these makeup blenders need to be clean to prevent bacteria from entering the skin. At the same time, we also need to do makeup work on the eye area, so as to avoid the problem of smudged makeup. 

Eye primer has a very good effect on oily eyelids. The reason why some girls look messy with eye makeup is that their eyelids are oily. To keep eye makeup delicate, the eyelids must be clean, and the role of eye primer is to make the eyelids fresh.

The eye primer can cover the color of the skin very well. If the skin is dark and yellow, it is easy to feel abrupt when using eyeshadow. As long as the skin is covered with an eye primer, eyeshadow can play its biggest role. Moreover, the eye primer can also enhance the color of the skin, no matter what kind of skin the girl is can be rescued by the eye primer, plus beautiful eyeshadow, it will look brand new in minutes.