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  5. What is an invisible powder setting spray?

Invisible powder setting spray is now very popular on the market? Makeup setting spray and makeup setting powder have always been the backbone of the makeup industry, and these two types of makeup setting products have always been in the “interaction stage”.

Some people just use makeup setting powder, and some people are better to use a makeup setting spray, and some people say that you use a makeup setting spray for dry skin and a makeup setting powder for oily skin, but is this the case? How to use a makeup setting spray and powder correctly?

Invisible powder setting spray can be used after loose powder, depending on your actual situation, or not. Under normal circumstances, you can choose one of the products to use, but if you want to hold your makeup better, you can use both together. Dry skin is more suitable for setting makeup with makeup setting spray, because makeup setting spray has the effect of moisturizing, and there will be no problem with sticking powder.

Why choose the invisible powder setting spray?

Makeup setting water is a bit more complicated than loose powder. It meets the role of makeup by combining film-forming agents + moisturizing ingredients + oil-controlling ingredients.

Most makeup setting sprays contain film formers. After the makeup setting spray is sprayed on the face, it will penetrate and mix with the makeup on the face. After the water evaporates, the film-forming agent in the spray can be cross-linked with the makeup to form a film. After the film is formed, the waterproof and oil-repellent properties of makeup are improved.

Some makeup setting sprays will add niacinamide, tea extract, and other oil control ingredients to reduce the oil on the skin surface, to achieve the purpose of setting makeup. Some makeup setting sprays do not have film formers, and they just rely mainly on oil control ingredients to set makeup. The spray contains moisturizing ingredients, which can increase skin moisture, improve skin hydration, and make makeup more docile.

Judging from the ingredient list, the makeup setting spray has multiple functions, and it may not be as good as loose powder in terms of oil absorption, but it should be good for moisturizing and waterproofing.

The film formed after the makeup setting spray is dried on the face, combined with the foundation can make the makeup last longer and help us maintain a good-looking skin condition for a long time! At the same time, it can also moisturize and suppress a powdery feeling.

The biggest feature of makeup setting spray is makeup dissolution, which can better integrate those ultra-dry base makeup products into your skin, become more docile, and at the same time maintain the makeup effect of this type of foundation.

Those with oily skin will be suitable for using makeup setting powder to fix makeup. The makeup setting powder can help absorb the oil on the surface of our skin and reduce the trouble of makeup removal and floating powder.

Choose a base makeup or loose powder that suits you, apply a thin layer of loose powder to your face with a puff, be careful not to damage the base makeup, and finally use a loose powder brush to remove the excess loose powder, and the makeup is completed.

The main ingredients of loose powder are talcum powder or modified starch, etc., and the principle of setting makeup is relatively simple. It relies on the porous structure of the powder particles to absorb excess oil on the skin surface. The size and structure of silty particles are different, and the oil absorption effect will also have some differences.

Its silty is in the form of powder particles, which is easy to apply a large number of products at one time, so it can better absorb oil, reduce facial shine, make makeup last longer, and at the same time hide skin texture so that fine lines and pores can be eliminated.

Generally speaking, the relative oil control ability of smaller powder will be poorer, but other aspects, especially on fine makeup faces, will be very good. Makeup setting powder is more suitable for high-temperature seasons such as summer.

So what we mentioned above, does makeup setting spray work better than setting powder? The answer must be Yes! Yes, to a certain extent, the effect of setting spray is indeed better than that of setting powder.