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  5. How to Apply a Rose Gold Pink Eye Makeup

Do you know how to apply a rose gold pink eye makeup perfectly? Do you know the color of the evening sun? That is a dreamy and beautiful pinkish-gold color. That is also the color of a pink rose sprinkled with gold powder. Gentle and fresh, it is perfect for the cold autumn and winter. Can you imagine painting the color of evening sun on your eyes?

How to choose the right rose gold pink eye makeup for ourselves?

If you have very fair skin, you can choose a more pinkish rose gold color, that will set you off like a fresh rose. If your skin is yellowish, you can choose a rose gold color that is more on the golden side, which looks noble and individual. If your skin is dark, you can also be bold enough to try this color, you can choose a more flamboyant rose gold eye makeup, which may have an unexpected effect.

5 tips about rose gold pink eye makeup

1. With smoky eyeliner

Rose gold and smoky eyes are a perfect match. Both give you a sexy look, especially when paired with a bit of messy hair. You can smudge your eyeliner for a sexy vibe, but then follow it up with an extra line of liquid eyeliner on top of the smudged eyeliner for a brighter look.

2. Use one color as a focus

If you are pressed for time, you can use only rose gold to create a look that is artistic and a little cool with an 80’s feel. One thing to keep in mind when using rose gold eyeshadow alone is to moisten the brush first so that the eyeshadow looks more lustrous and lasts longer.

3. Make the colors stand out

You can use rose gold shades for the entire face, which will make the entire look very harmonious. Also, to make it less monotonous, you can use a darker shade of lipstick as an accent.

4. Emphasis on glossiness

You can add a bit of shimmer to your rose gold eye makeup, especially at the head of the eye, so that you can add layers to a single rose gold eyeshadow. Basically every light shadow cream can do this, but the most important thing to do when applying light shadow is not to push the underlying eye shadow, just pat it on with light force.

5. Light lower eyeliner

With rose gold as the eye makeup, you can bring the eyeshadow to the lower eyelashes and turn it into a light variation of rose gold lower eyeliner, the whole makeup is full of romantic atmosphere. The shallow lower eyeliner has the effect of enlarging the eyes.

So how to wear a rose gold pink eye makeup?

Start with a cream eyeshadow base (cream blush and matte lipstick can also be used), which will allow the next eye makeup to adhere better and be less likely to come off. And never use a glitter eyeshadow, which will easily make your eyes swell.

For girls with somewhat swollen eyes, the rose gold pink eyeshadow range should not exceed the eyelid crease, people may be used to drawing to the eye sockets, but this will have the feeling of easy swelling; girls with more concave eye sockets can draw to the eye sockets and use the gloss to make the eyes more moist!

Do some smoky smudging to give your eyes more depth. It is also recommended to apply a slightly darker shade of eyeshadow with glitter at the same time in the last 1/2 of the eye, which is a key step for the eyes to shine.

At last use the inner eyeliner to make your eyes more dynamic and deep. Turn the eyelid up and do a little pressed drawing at the base of the lashes.


Rose gold pink eye makeup is a very romantic and gentle eye makeup. If you want to play it up even more, you can choose the outfit that goes with it. White or light colored outfits are more appropriate. Just try it !