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When you think of a 4 color highlighter palette, do you first think of the intricate make-up techniques needed to perform on stage? In fact, in everyday life, highlighter palettes can also give you a more advanced and cleaner look. If you want to cater for different outings and outfits and contour your features, then a 4-in-1 color highlighter palette would be the perfect choice for you. Today we will share some four-color highlighter palette make-up tips with you.

Before we share our tips on 4 color highlight palettes, let’s understand how highlighting works. Here we can understand it by drawing one of the most basic spheres inside a sketch:

As you know, to draw a three-dimensional sphere, you need to draw its three parts separately — shadows, light and dark transitions, and highlights. Good, now we will see the middle of the face as the highlight point and slowly transition the light around to visually make our face appear more three-dimensional and reduce its size.

It’s simple, right? Now that we understand the principle, let’s find out roughly where on the face we need to highlight. Of course, we can try to find the part of highlighting easily and quickly: touch your face with two fingers of your left and right hand, and feel the hard, bony areas as the main areas for applying our 4 color highlighting palette.

Having made your initial attempts, do you find yourself with even more beautiful possibilities by using 4-in-1 color highlighter palettes? Wouldn’t you like to learn further techniques for using the four-color highlighter? Next, we will teach you to use it better in a few steps.

Step 1 Determine your true shape

The 4-in-1 color highlighter palettes are very versatile but need to be used to their best effect depending on the shape of the user’s face. If you have defined, angular features with deep eye sockets and high cheekbones, then you can choose a highlighter in a lighter color to be swept over a wide area of the C-zone of the face in repeated swipes.

If you have a rounder and cuter face shape and want to look more defined with your highlighter, you’ll be better suited to a “spot” highlighting technique on prominent areas of the face. To add to this, you can select a small, delicate highlighting brush, preferably with a narrow cross-section, to control the width of the highlight and select a darker highlight for the part of the face away from the center to make it appear dainty and more delicate.

Step 2 Choose 4 color highlighter palette based on your skin tone

Your face is the most glamorous place where you use highlights, and the skin tone that matches the color of your highlighter is your overall charm. Rather than a single-color highlighter palette, the one that contains four colors is more suitable for your skin tone. Especially if you want to create a natural glowing good skin texture, it is important to select highlighter palettes that match your skin tone.

For fair skin beauties, consider picking the light pink-violet of the four-color highlighter palettes, they will give you an exquisite look while framing you beautifully. If you like sunbathing and have a bronzed complexion, go for highlights with the gold bead color of the palette, such as champagne gold.

Step 3 Use your foundation wisely

Here’s another magic trick to make your skin hydrated and glowing: pick a lighter highlighter from the four-color highlighter palette, blend the right amount into your foundation and dab it partially on the areas you want to highlight. This will look like the natural glow of your skin! Using the right combination of foundation and highlighter will give you a natural and subtle finish while blending in with your skin.


We have shared the principles of highlighting and tips on how to use the 4 color highlighter palette. The four-color highlighter palette is popular for its portability, convenience, and variety of options. If you love the outdoors, you can use all four highlighter colors as your skin tone deepens. If you are interested in cosmetics and would like to know more about them, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We would be delighted to receive your feedback on our products and services.