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Among many different shades, the pink tinted lip gloss remains a viral cosmetic, especially in teens and young lads. If you want to learn what these magical tints can do to your lips, continue reading this article. We will here go through the famous question of which lip gloss colour is best and why pink ones are now gaining much traction. 

Pink Tinted Lip Gloss: Many of us believe that the pink shades of lip gloss are way more appealing than the traditional red shades of lip glosses and lipsticks. Some associate them with immediate health and natural beauty on one’s lips. (healthy lips are the ones that don’t have any cracks, and are smooth and hydrated, FYI).

What’s Good About Pink Ones? Pink Tinted lip glosses are supposed to be chosen according to your undertones. If you are on the warmer side, then opt for pink glosses, which are also in the same warm tones. Selecting on the cooler side will go best with classic pink shades of bright colours. The lip colouring can also be made pinkier by using any nude lip liner and then layering the application of your lip gloss on top. You can also experiment with different textu®es as well, ranging from shimmery to opaque. The shimmery imitates the 80s look if one is into vintage. 

How to Make it even Pinkier? Beauty comes from within; this is the case for the lips. More pink and healthy-looking lips are only possible if you take care of the following things about your lips:

1. Exfoliation: Always ensure that your lips are properly exfoliated, which ensures that your lips get rid of all the dead skin layers regularly. If not removed, this dead skin layer will become visible and have a darker effect, making your pink tints get darker shades.

2. Lip Scrubs: They are great and exfoliate your skin giving your pink tints a look as youthful as possible. We also recommend handmade, more natural scrubs, and you can always teach them how to make them from many youtube tutorials.

3. Water, Water and Water: We are made from it, and we are mostly water as well. Make sure you drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water daily. This will give your lips proper hydration and more results when applied with pink-tinted glosses.

4. Aloe Vera: They are one of the best ways to give your skin the right amount of hydration it deserves. Not only on the skin, but they can also share your lips nutrients which will boost your lip’s health and hydration levels, making them great for application for glosses.

5. Stay away from Sun: One of the most common reasons people’s lips don’t get that perfect pink-tinted look is because they expose themselves too much to the sun, which permanently damages the skin of your lips. They are especially very prone to get permanent damage from UV rays when exposed to the sun. That is why we recommend using lip balms and other SPF ingredients containing cosmetics to keep your lips protected so that the next time you apply your precious pink tinted lip gloss, you will get the best results you see in fashion magazines. 

Recommendations: Lip glosses are great, but the one from Perfect Diary is not like any other. Discover the Floating Light tip Gloss with its unique long-lasting tints for your lips, and it glides effortlessly as you swing it on your lips. The formula is a super hydrating blend that delivers a durable and fresh-looking finish all day long. The same is the case for the pink shades of Floating Light Lip Gloss (CRUSH Collection) from the same brand, which comes in four jaw-dropping shades and features a summer-loving gloss finish. Whichever Pink Tinted Lip Gloss you will choose from these two, we guarantee that you will get the most amazing results. These products are great but keeping your lips healthy and protected should be your number one priority to get the best results.